Are You a Casualty of Modernity?

Reinterpreting the 19th-century works of Alfred Jacob Miller, Kent Monkman creates a fascinating dialogue surrounding mythology, indigenous peoples, and tradition this month through his newest acrylics in New York City. Who’s hosting, and for how long?

Winter 2.0? Nonsense!

Although parts of the United States are digging themselves out from under piles of ice and snow — especially the Northeast — artists and galleries are still fighting for spring! There’s something beautiful blooming in Milwaukee...

Creating Iconographic Drifts and Distant Memories in California

Coupled with what the gallery calls “proximity-based technology” along with compelling talent, these two accomplished female painters have taken over and beautified the walls of this San Francisco venue. Deepen your gallery experience here.

Raleigh Receives the “Glory of Venice”

A current exhibition on view through June 18 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see for yourself how and why this Renaissance city was renowned for its seductive colors — both in reality and through the monumental artists who called it their home. Can you name it?

A Permanent Home for This Important Painter

It’s been a long time coming, but that doesn’t take away from the celebration and excitement emanating from Point Park University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. What’s the story you need to hear?

A Life Outdoors, in Your Home

Trailside Galleries is proud to showcase recent works by landscape painter Jay Moore. Having been raised in Colorado and spent most of his life outdoors, Moore has a beautiful, finely tuned picture ready for your mantel.

The Golden Twenties

A California institution is proud to have recently opened a major exhibition that delves into the life and career of an Impressionist widely recognized as one of the state’s most influential. Although he fell into obscurity after his untimely death, the script has flipped with “The Golden Twenties.”

Blurred Lines

An early goal for historical artists was to begin breaking down the artificial barrier (or picture plane) between the created world and the viewer’s world, using inventive new strategies. This member of the Russell Skull Society has taken this idea to gorgeous new heights.

Ivy League Brilliance

Although “Ivy League” is a term most closely associated with academic excellence, selectivity in admissions, and social elitism, it can also be used to describe an outstanding exhibition of nearly 300 objects from Enlightenment Europe on view now at Yale University.

Reader’s Choice: Pure Joy and Character

If everyone could be as happy as Mary Pettis’ “Russian Fisherwoman” all the time, the world would be a much better place. Why?

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