Featured Lot: Le moissonneur (d’après Millet)

In this ongoing series for Fine Art Today, we take a longer look at the history and features of a soon-to-be-available artwork of note. This week we feature a brilliant painting by Vincent Van Gogh soon to be auctioned here.

The Palette as Tool, and Surface

Curated by renowned artist Dina Brodsky and curator/writer Trek Lexington, this miniaturist exhibition features a number of world-famous painters exploring the importance and meaning of the artist’s palette as tool, extension of oneself, and painting surface.

An Exhibition of Thought & Memory

A deeply provocative and psychologically thrilling exhibition will soon be underway in Pasadena, California. Opening in July, “Mythos & Logos” is one heck of a mental and visual journey.

It’s a Wild World

Whether large or small, fierce or gentle, our planet’s wildlife is truly something to behold and appreciate. The nave of America’s largest cathedral, in America’s busiest city, is currently bursting at its seams with these world-class sculptures.

In Rare Company

Only five works of art attributed to Hieronymus Bosch exist in the United States, which is why June 30 is a significant date for a particular renowned institution.

When Beauty Haunts

A Ukrainian artist will soon showcase his hauntingly gorgeous paintings during a solo exhibition in Santa Fe this summer. His work is poetic, rebellious, and enchanting. Find out who the esteemed host is and when the curtain comes down.

Sending Out the Call

Two world-class representational painters are sending out a call for artists to submit their work for an engaging digital exhibition. Who are they and when is the deadline?

From Avocation to Vocation

Making the leap from a passionate hobbyist to full-time artist is a test of many things, including confidence, fear, skill, and efficiency. A little-known printmaker from the early 20th century made this jump, and his story, and his works, are getting a spotlight here.

You’ll Love ‘New York City Women’

Vincent Giarrano is pleased to be presenting a recent body of work aimed at capturing a group of young women who have made New York City their home. Where can you catch a view?

Like Puzzle Pieces

Two renowned artists will soon be featured together in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this summer for an important group exhibition. Will you know the names?

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