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Art Exhibitions: South

Discover fine art exhibitions in the Northeast United States (Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina).

Storytelling in Renaissance Maiolica - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Storytelling in Renaissance Maiolica

This focused exhibition brings together a small selection of tin-glazed earthenware produced in the duchy of Urbino, Italy, in the 16th century.
Western art - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Into a New West

Exploring cultural topics such as the environment, feminism, and social commentary, this exhibit showcases a shift from traditional representations to new ideologies and expressions of the West.
Contemporary oil portraits - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Art Studio Tour in West Austin, Texas

Learn more about the free and self-guided 8th Annual West Austin Studio Tour, and preview some of the participating artists here.
Portrait paintings in oil by Agnes Grochulska - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Line and Color: Paintings of People

Employing simplified composition and using gestural lines and bold colors, her intention is to reveal something visceral about the subject, and connect it to a larger and more significant message about human existence, rather than creating a close recording of a physical likeness.
Contemporary oil paintings - FineArtConnoisseur.com

8 Contemporary Artists at Haynes Galleries

Clarity of artistic vision and craft are the common threads of these artworks.
Mariano Fortuny painting - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Fortuny: Friends and Followers

The artist’s proto-Impressionist style and “exotic” genre scenes influenced so many artists that the style came to be described with its very own “ism”: “Fortunismo.”
Western art and paintings - FineArtConnoisseur.com

In Texas: Art of the American Plains

The public is invited to attend this celebration of “Art of the Plains,” featuring realistic and representational artworks in traditional media that depict the American Great Plains region — its landscape, wildlife, people, and way of life in historical or modern times.
Still life paintings - FineArtConnoisseur.com

A Feast for the Eyes

These European Masterpieces from the Grasset Collection offer a glimpse of life in the 1600s and 1700s, along with many hidden meanings, in an exhibition of 40 paintings.
Oil paintings on view - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Southern City and Landscape Paintings

In this time of change, this artist has once again taken to the streets to document vanishing Charleston — from the city streets to the coastal marshes.
Fine art oil paintings - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Illuminating Landscapes

In this collection of plein air landscape paintings, Franklin-based artist Rachael McCampbell captures the essence and importance of Tennessee’s open space. A percentage of sales will support the work of The Land Trust for Tennessee, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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