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Sunset paintings -

Sunset Group Exhibition

In this year's themed group exhibition “Sunsets” at Maxwell Alexander Gallery, artists will present new work that explores the meaning and mystery of sunsets through their own interpretations.
Arthur Haywood, “Egyptian Mathematics,” 18 x 25 in.

New Tang Dynasty Figure Painting Competition

Based on the theme “Pure Truth, Pure Kindness, and Pure Beauty,” New Tang Dynasty Television has organized this competition since 2008 to revive the traditional art of realistic oil painting.
Quang Ho paintings

Solo Exhibition: Quang Ho

Learn about “Process,” Quang Ho’s first solo exhibition in over ten years. “I’m bringing past themes to life,” he says, “digging deeper into the visual language, and exploring new boundaries.”
Friday Virtual Gallery Walk

Friday Virtual Gallery Walk for May 29, 2020

As part of our effort to continue to keep artists and art galleries in business, we're proud to bring you this new "Virtual Gallery Walk."
Contemporary paintings for sale

Revisiting Motifs

Robert Goldstrom is a painter who thinks in series, revisiting a compelling motif again and again until it plays itself out. Learn about his current series and exhibition here.
Narrative paintings

An Artist’s Life Behind the Easel

Influenced by 17th century Masters such as Vermeer and Velasquez, these intimate interiors are an inward look at the artists life within his studio and classroom environments, which includes his relationship with his family, friends, models and art students. Find out who the artist is ...
Salman Toor (b. 1983), The Arrival, 2019, oil on panel

Salman Toor: How Will I Know

Known for small figurative oil paintings that combine academic technique and a sketch-like style, this artist offers intimate views into the imagined lives of young, queer Brown men residing in New York City and Pakistan, where he was born.
Contemporary paintings -

Under the Influence: Contemporary Artists and the Masters Who Inspire Them

Somerville Manning Gallery presents an exhibition of talented artists along with the masters who gave them inspiration, exploring the importance of art history even through modern times.
Nocturne paintings - Brian Sindler -

Nocturnes by Brian Sindler

Collectively, these nocturne paintings create a world filled with mood, wonder, and anticipation, bringing to life moments that are ephemeral and compelling.
“Head Study of Matthew Innis” by Nicole Moné, Oil on panel, 18” x 36”

American Women Artists: 2020 Winners

Congratulations to all the artists juried into the 2020 American Women Artists Spring Online Juried Show. Preview the winning works here.

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