Watercolor painting by Dan Mondloch

The Character Watercolor Creates

For Saint Cloud, Minnesota, native Dan Mondloch, personal connections with all things Midwestern and family tradition have allowed him to blossom into an accomplished watercolorist.

One to Watch: Tanya Atanasova

If you haven’t heard of artist Tanya Atanasova, it might be time.
Landscape oil painting

How 2020 Inspired These 4 New Oil Paintings

Whether painting energetic scenes of New York City or the quiet spirituality of the Southwest, Michele Byrne has found a way to express what so many of us are feeling in 2020.
Contemporary figurative art - Luke Hillestad - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Figurative Art: Staying in Touch with Tradition

Luke Hillestad draws heavily upon some of history’s greatest painters to create canvases that vibrate with life and give voice to the primal beauty of humankind.
PleinAir Salon - Lyubena Fox - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Symbols in Art: The Traveler’s Desk

The symbols in this contemporary still life depict man’s yearning for knowledge. See how, with these insights from the artist.
Contemporary still life painting - Nancy Depew - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Insight, Revelation, and Discovery

Often it is a pure and humble approach to the blank canvas that leads to aesthetic success. When artists divert from the formulaic and allow creativity to flow organically, the untainted core of art often emerges: to express that which words cannot.
collecting art - oil painting nocturnes

Painting the Spaces in Between

Influenced by the bustle of city life, Lindsey Kustusch paints "the abstraction of how we remember our days." Go behind the scenes of her contemporary oil paintings here.

One to Watch: Odile Richer

Odile Richer (b. 1978) makes paintings that read like giant, gorgeous pages in a surreally romantic yet strangely realistic storybook. Metaphors, myths, allegories, allusions — all can be found in this Canadian artist’s highly detailed creations.
Young person looking at the Silent Battle statue

The Eyes of Freedom: A Traveling Memorial

Learn about a memorial that, by honoring a specific group of marines, is bringing healing to all those suffering from the "Silent Battle."

Wonderful Watercolor

Fine Art Today traveled to rural eastern North Carolina for a chat with accomplished watercolorist Pat Holscher, whose pictures of seagulls, pelicans, and more feel right at home next to the Pamlico River.

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