Help for Art Victims of the Hurricane
Dear Friends,

As publisher of various art magazines and newsletters, I feel that we have a responsibility to help artists, galleries, and museums impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

When Katrina hit New Orleans, many galleries there were in trouble. Tourism fell way off, and locals were consumed with things other than buying art.

At that time we stepped in and offered free advertising to help some of those galleries survive, and we later learned that it helped a lot. Thankfully, collectors with good hearts looked at the websites, found art they liked, and did some purchasing. 

We know that there are galleries in both Texas and Florida that will be impacted by a lack of traffic and tourism, and galleries affected by flooding in their space or simply the distraction of storm-related issues in their communities, keeping people from visiting and buying.

We know the storm will affect those in Houston, Miami, and other areas for a long time to come, so please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers. 

This is a time when we, as a community of artists, galleries, collectors, museums, and auction houses, can come to their rescue. I encourage you, particularly if you were planning to buy art anyway, to consider visiting these people online and making purchases.

Yours truly,
Eric Rhoads,

PS: This is not a time for competitive differences. Therefore I encourage all of my sisters and brothers in the arts community to come together, and for local galleries and artists not affected to help those who are.
Pat Anderson, ARTIST
Silver Raven Studios
Owned by Brenda Sylvia 
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands
Owned by Mary Bechtol
#1 China Bay, Rockport, Texas 78382
(806) 681-8320
Owned by Karen Vernon & Ken Muenzenmayer
201 & 203 E. Austin, Round Top, Texas, 78954
(979) 249-4119
2310 Bissonnet St., Houston, Texas 77005
(713) 526-2983
7226 21st Street East, Sarasota, Florida 34243
(941) 753-7755
12802 McSwain Rd., Cypress, Texas, 77429
(281) 352-0861
106 S. Austin St., Rockport, Texas 78382
(361) 729-5519

Gallery Stories
These are the stories that various gallery owners have shared with us about
their experience dealing with the aftermath of both Hurricane's Harvey and Irma.
"Southern Atelier is a non-profit organization serving the communities of southwest Florida and the greater southeastern United States. Financial, material, physical, and emotional distress have been both before and after-effects experienced from the hurricane. The impact of the storm on people in our community has prevented many individuals from going about their normal routines of life. Unfortunately, this has prevented "business as usual” here at Southern Atelier Center for the Arts. Oftentimes, it is the arts that suffer the most when basic survival needs are a challenge. What we do have now is determination and the backing of a vast community of our supporters."   
–Charles Miano
"My husband, David, and I have a second home and second gallery on St. Charles Bay near Rockport, Texas. My gallery name is Goose Island Gallery; it is next to Goose Island State Park. Our place was totally destroyed by Harvey's wind. Possibly a tornado. David is a wildlife photographer, and I paint mostly landscape in oils. Everything is gone. All my work is photographed and on my website at I will be posting photos of our work on Facebook as soon as I can bear to figure it out. I am not asking for financial help, just your good wishes. Our primary location is in Canyon, Texas. I am a big supporter of many artists and had many pieces I had collected over the years in this wonderful place. Losing that hurts the most."   –Mary Bechtol
"My husband and I are both artists and own two galleries in Round Top, Texas, halfway between Houston and Austin. Our primary clients are from Houston. Almost everything east and south of us has flooded or been damaged in some way by Harvey. Several of our artists have lost their homes or studios. We have reached out, trying to check on everyone, but have only heard from a few.  

Personally, we are concerned as to whether we have the staying power to sustain the multiple years that it will take this area to recover. We represent nationally recognized artists — Susiehyer, Eric Jacobsen, Cecy Turner, Raymond Gibby, Steve Worthington, and so many more — and if we can't sell their works, this storm will impact not only the regional artists, but these artists that live out in other states. The damage will expand across the nation.

We have been reaching out with promotions, sending people to our websites and our online store. As the communities around us continue to dig out and rebuild, we have found that our little village and its art have become a sanctuary where families that have lost everything come to visit, relax, view the art, and heal.

I can only thank you for your efforts and generous contributions. We hope to survive this, be able to keep our doors open, assist our artists financially, and continue to support the arts through our gallery."   –Karen Vernon & Ken Muenzenmayer
"Harvey filled my house with 10 feet of water and now we are rebuilding our home. Next week I go back to teaching art to many teenagers who lost everything, but we will come back stronger than ever."   –Doug Hiser
I have been an entrepreneur for 33 years and recently created a small series of iLoVeU Ho'oponopono Art Cards and small guide book, inspired by an ancient Hawaiian healing technique. I had immediate sales and people love them. Then we flooded and after initial shock, I spent time cleaning the condo and it's now in repair. I am now excited to get back to my art and healing business while living in a hotel. I'd love your support and shares as I have weeks of extra expenses to cover. Check back for blog posts about what I've learned in the process. Wendy Young
"I have lived on St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands for nine years. I had been visiting family in Virginia for the summer and was due to fly back two days before Hurricane Irma hit the Islands. Amazing friends of mine went into my condo to rescue some of my artwork. My studio flooded, and at this point no one has been inside. Hurricane Maria caused more flooding 13 days later. After Irma, the Mango Tango Gallery, which represents my work, was intact, but I don't know the fate of my paintings after Maria. Regardless, it will be a long time before the infrastructure of the island has recovered and things return to normal. 

I have now rented wall space at the Rappahannock Art League Gallery in Kilmarnock, Virginia. I am scheduled to have my second solo show at the Mango Tango Gallery in March 2018. It was supposed to be a continuation of my series of plein air and studio paintings of the beaches of St. Thomas called "Beautiful on the Edges." At this point I have no home to return to and don't feel like I can continue the series until I experience my island home after the hurricanes. Many of the views I painted in my series no longer exist. I have no doubt that even with the devastation there is still beauty in the Virgin Islands and the rest of the devastated northern Caribbean."   –Brenda Sylvia
"I am a plein air artist for several souvenir shops and nonprofits in the Florida Keys, and we are missing the tourists now. I ask you to please buy my art at The Redbone Gallery, Islamorada, Florida. This is a non-profit for cystic fibrosis and has held fishing tournaments for past 30 years, please call 305.664.2002 and shop. Help the Florida Keys, and help me and many other fine artists that have exhibited at Redbone for many years."   –Pat Anderson
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