James Bama paintings - Trout Creek Ranch
JAMES BAMA (b. 1926), "Trout Creek Ranch," 1991, oil on board, 20 x 20 in.; featured in Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, September/October 2019

With heavy hearts, we announce that American illustrator and painter James Bama died on April 24, 2022, four days before his 96th birthday.

“Everyone at Fine Art Connoisseur mourns the passing of James Bama, who brilliantly captured both the appearance and the spirit of the American West’s wide-ranging people and landscapes,” said Peter Trippi, Editor-in-Chief. “His artistry helped define a unique moment in the longstanding relationship between illustration and realist fine art, inspiring an audience of admirers worldwide who will remember him with gratitude.”

Here, we share some a glimpse of the responses from artists around the globe on the passing of James Bama:

James Bama figurative painterJames Bama illustrator painterJames Bama illustratorJames Bama illustratorJames Bama paintings

From Cowboy State Daily / Wendy Corr:

“Anyone who has lived in Wyoming for any length of time has no doubt seen a print of a James Bama painting.

“A portrait so vivid, capturing the essence of the subject’s mood, that one wonders if it might be a photograph. The subject, usually a cowboy, is looking away from the artist, who has finely detailed the person’s clothing and accouterments.

“That was Jim Bama’s style in his later years, and is a large part of his legacy.

“Bama passed away on April 24 at his home in Wapiti. He was 95 years old, and leaves behind scores of art pieces that have stood the test of time.”


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