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Fine Art Connoisseur magazine is the exclusive guide to art and collecting for individuals who have a passion for fine art. Fine Art Connoisseur speaks directly to an audience of discerning consumers through engaging, dynamic editorial that explores with authority the highest-quality historical artworks and those created by the world’s finest living artists.

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Anne Weiler-Brown
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Art Division Director
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Jason Kelley
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Director of Sales
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Faith Frykman
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Art Division Assistant
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Yvonne Van Wechel
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National Marketing Manager
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National Sales Manager, Suppliers
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Digital Ad Manager
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Krystal Allen
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West Coast Integrated Marketing Manager
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Mid-Atlantic, Southeast Integrated Marketing Manager
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Gina Ward
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Central Integrated Marketing Manager
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Sarah Webb
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Anne Weiler-Brown
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Western Integrated Marketing Manager
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Editorial Calendar

2017 Fine Art Connoisseur Editorial Calendar (PDF)

Advertising Deadlines

Ad Production Specifications (PDF)

Space deadline Dec 2; Newsstand December 23

  • Special edition (3rd annual): Collectors of Contemporary Realist Art
  • Photo essay: The human figure
  • Destination: Charleston
  • Art Renewal Center special section
  • Museums special section

Space deadline February 3; Newsstand February 24

  • Photo essay: Equestrian images
  • Destination: San Diego County
  • Salmagundi Art Auction special section
  • Out West Art Show special section

Space deadline April 7; Newsstand April 28

  • Photoessay: Portraits
  • Destination: Summertime in the Mountains
  • Oil Painters of America special section
  • BP Portrait Competition (London) special section
  • National Portrait Gallery special section

Space deadline June 2; Newsstand June 23

  • Photoessay: Botanicals
  • Destination: Loveland (Colorado)
  • American Society of Marine Artists special section
  • National Sculpture Society special section
  • American Society of Botanical Artists special section

Space deadline August 4; Newsstand August 25

  • Photoessay: Birds
  • Destination: Fall colors

Space deadline October 6; Newsstand October 27

  • Photoessay: Industrial scenes
  • Destination: Florida

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