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Artist and Collector Profiles

Artist posing with her artwork, holding a paint brush

Artist Spotlight: Paula Holtzclaw

Following the close advice from Chuck Close, Paula finds inspiration from doing the work, not waiting around for it, and working the process.
Artist posing with her painting in her studio

Artist Spotlight: Nanette Fluhr

Being an artist enables Nanette to see subtlety and beauty in the world, to capture and portray in her vision, to have an idea and bring it to life.
Patricia Burford Ryan, winner of the July 2022 PleinAir Salon

A Winning Artist on the Making of “Marmalade Sky”

We’d like to congratulate Patricia Burford Ryan for winning Overall First Place in the July 2022 PleinAir Salon, judged by Michael J. Ruple, Director of aux gallery. Here, Patricia explains her winning work, "Marmalade Sky."

Artist Spotlight: Laurie Hendricks

There is beauty everywhere, even in the mundane, and my job as an artist is to interpret that beauty and reveal it to the world using color and light.

Artist Spotlight: Jill Banks

I find inspiration closer to home (sometimes in it), on domestic personal painting trips (like Key West) or during plein air competitions in the US.

Artist Spotlight: Nina Cobb Walker

After spending many years working at honing her skills, and living in El Paso Texas, Nina gets to see these brilliant sunset skies on either sides of the mountain, convey the beauty.
artist smiling with her painting hanging

Artist Spotlight: Robin Cheers

Robin’s works are all about connection, the everyday scenes that we may overlook but are the moments that make up a lifetime.
art history social realism - Ramond Hendry Williams (1900–1977), "Pursuit of Happiness," 1947, oil on canvas, 44 x 48 in., collection of the author, photo courtesy Heritage Auctions

One-Hit Wonders in Art

As far as we can tell, neither painting was exhibited publicly, yet both are superb examples of 20th-century American social realism.
artist holding painting, posing with fellow artist/friend together

Artist Spotlight: Jill Stefani Wagner PSA-MC IAPS/MC

Finishing a difficult artwork, creating a commissioned painting that makes my patron smile, having my work accepted into a national exhibit and accepting new gallery representation are all steps of the latter we artists climb.

Artist Spotlight: Aida Garrity

This has been validated by the acceptance of my art into national shows and by my collectors’ acquisition of my paintings for them to enjoy in their homes with family and friends.

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