Artist posing with his still life painting

Artist Spotlight: Matthew Bird

“I knew I had gifts and talents that I wasn't using, and I needed a change. That was when I walked away to focus on painting.”
Contemporary figurative art - Luke Hillestad -

Figurative Art: Staying in Touch with Tradition

This artist draws heavily upon some of history’s greatest painters to create canvases that vibrate with life and give voice to the primal beauty of humankind.

Painting en Plein Air, in a Different Light

How painting on location has changed for one artist, in multiple ways.

Fine Arts and Crafts?

The unexpected turn a representational artist made ...
Artist in front of her painting

Artist Spotlight: Patricia A Griffin

Patricia A Griffin observes that her success is due to the acceptance of many failures and rejections, her commitment to reaching her goals artistically by allowing her process and style to morph over time, and a razor focus on marketing.
Artist Jacob Dhein

The Journey Through Process

From cityscapes to landscapes to figurative art, this painter shares both his inspiration and process.
Oil painting of children

Change of Perspective

Artist and gallery owner Colin Page reflects on how, and why, his art has changed over the years, and his turning point to make more meaningful paintings.
Artist Zufar Bikbov

Landscapes in Russian Realism: Not Just Scenery

A Q&A with plein air painter Zufar Bikbov on Russian realism, painting outdoors as a way to improve, and the art of eliciting emotions through a painting.

Surreally Romantic, Yet Strangely Realistic

Odile Richer makes paintings that read like giant, gorgeous pages in a surreally romantic yet strangely realistic storybook. Metaphors, myths, allegories, allusions — all can be found in this Canadian artist’s highly detailed creations.
Camille Przewodek, "Rose Cascade," 9 x 12 in.

Plein Air to Studio: Q&A with Camille Przewodek

Inspired by Monet and Sorolla, Przewodek's paintings capture the beauty of light and atmosphere. Here, she answers the question she's asked most often, which isn't surprising once you hear it...

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