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Artist and Collector Profiles

Oil painting of a city street on a rainy night

Artist Spotlight: William A. Schneider

William A. Schneider: art major in college, musician in a band with a record deal, co-founder of an investment firm, art workshop student, and finally full-time artist “living the dream.”

Artist Spotlight: Catherine Hillis

Catherine Hillis began her career in theatre working as an actress and costume designer, but she always enjoyed painting and drawing. Once she discovered watercolors, it wasn’t long before she focused entirely on painting.
Male artist standing in front of his work in a gallery

Artist Spotlight: Ray Hassard

Ray Hassard tired of the painstaking nature of painting in a photorealist style and searched for something more immediate. He turned to plein air painting, and a new world opened for him.
Barbara Jaenicke (b. 1964), "Twilight’s Radiant Descent"

A Nearly Obsessive Devotion

Capturing moments in nature that move swiftly out of sight but leave a brilliant memory is the specialty of this Bend, Oregon, artist.
Ilya Gefter, "Dinner," 86 x 84 cm, Oil on canvas

Beyond Conscious Control

Interview: Ilya Gefter on ways a viewer may gain insight into an artist by looking at his or her work, and more.
Western art by Thomas Blackshear

Divinely Inspired: Western Art by Thomas Blackshear

Blackshear’s “Western Nouveau” paintings have captured the imagination of Western art connoisseurs, who always have a sharp eye for a rising star.
Plein Air Salon - Abigail Gutting, "The Professional," oil, 30 x 40 in.

A Bareback Bronc

"The Professional" has an emphasis on movement and weight and, as the title suggests, tells a story about this bareback bronc in particular...
Oil painting of a man playing a cello in a park

Artist Spotlight: Shelby Keefe

For Shelby Keefe, the best thing about being an artist is creating something from nothing. That “something" becomes a treasure for someone to enjoy, bringing beauty and peace to their environment.
Jeffrey T. Larson, "Life Wing," 40 x 36 in.

10 Still Lifes That You’ll Want to Stare at for Days

Remember to blink as you take in these stunning still life paintings by one of today's master artists.
Female artist in her studio in front of one of her paintings on an easel

Artist Spotlight: Christine Graefe Drewyer

“I also subscribe to the adage of, ‘If you love what you do, work will never be a four-letter word’ and make no mistake, I do.”

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