PleinAir Salon winner - Beth Moran-Handzlik -

Community Garden New Year’s Day: An Oil Painting

“Community Garden New Year’s Day” by Bethann Moran-Handzlik a winner in the bi-monthly Plein Air Salon. Here, the artist tells about how the oil painting came to be.

An Artistic Allegory of an Artistic Life

Brendan Johnston gives us a glimpse into his world, with Artist's Panel: still life art that includes objects of inspiration and practicality.
Contemporary oil paintings - Dianne Massey Dunbar -

Artist Spotlight: Painting the Ordinary

“Almost all of life is lived in the ordinary,” says Dianne Massey Dunbar. "I wanted to honor what we see every day, our shared experiences. Rain. Street workmen. Coke bottles. The more I looked, the more I realized…”

One to Watch: Odile Richer

Odile Richer (b. 1978) makes paintings that read like giant, gorgeous pages in a surreally romantic yet strangely realistic storybook. Metaphors, myths, allegories, allusions — all can be found in this Canadian artist’s highly detailed creations.

One to Watch: Tanya Atanasova

If you haven’t heard of artist Tanya Atanasova, it might be time.

Spotlight on FACE Faculty: Tragic Beauty and the Human Condition

Masterful figurative artists such as Patricia Watwood are in such a unique position because — perhaps better than any other subject — the human body can communicate a multitude of deeply moving and fundamental themes. How and why does she do it? Find out here.

Printing Poetry and Carving Life

Out of a dark world in which death seems commonplace, a spark of light flashes through the intensely powerful and personal artworks by Alice Leora Briggs. Fine Art Today recently caught up with the artist, who graciously revealed parts of her artistic visions and personal journeys.

How Process Feeds Inspiration

Fine Art Today recently had the luxury of sitting down with amazing painter Nick Patten, who offered some engaging thoughts about his process, inspiration, and more. So impactful were they that we’ve decided to quote him in full.

Nature and Experience

It took William Nichols some time to develop a visual vocabulary that accurately expressed what he saw and experienced emotionally in nature. However, once discovered, the creativity — and paint — flowed in ways that continue to enthrall viewers and collectors.

Fresh Faces

Created in a diverse range of wet and dry media, Jon Sours’s subjects have a freshness that sets them apart from their abstract surroundings.

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