Male artist painting outdoors in the desert

Artist Spotlight: Richard Boyer

“How many times do you get knocked down, brush off the dust, and hit it all again? Maybe this describes the successful artist — that blind determination to keep trying until you get it right!”
Woman artist in front of her paintings

Artist Spotlight: Carol Strock Wasson

Carol Stock Wasson was on a chemical engineering career path when a twist in the road changed her life dramatically, and her artistic self took over.
Woman artist painting on an easel

Artist Spotlight: Jill Banks

For Jill Banks, a huge boost in mastering the business side of building an art career was dreaming big and being willing to dig in to make good stuff happen.
Pastel floral painting by Vera Kavura

Catching Color Nuances – in Pastel

This Ukraine-based artist, who is on the faculty of Pastel Live, has an approach that begins with ...
Art Collection - "Taming Leviathan" painting

A Long Island Couple’s Art Collection Turning Point

An Art Collector Spotlight > What marked a turning point for this couple's collecting adventure.
Woman artist standing next to one of her paintings

Artist Spotlight: Nina Cobb Walker

As a native El Pasoan, Nina Cobb Walker finds that her surroundings are a constant source of inspiration. As a trailside impressionist, she tries to convey feelings of peace and tranquility in her work.
Pastel portrait of a ballerina

Our Pastel Pick: The Wonder of “Wonder”

This artist, instructor, and author has a passion: To reveal beauty through art and ...

Bouguereau and His American Collectors

Though he was never robustly championed by the critics, this French academician successfully applied his formidable skill to satisfy a hungry American market.
Woman painting in the mountains.

Artist Spotlight: Aida Garrity

Sweeping wide-brush background strokes and subtle soft-brush details capture the beauty of Aida’s subjects from portraits, landscapes, and seascapes to still life.
CW Mundy in his art studio

In the Art Studio with CW Mundy

As part of an ongoing series in which we feature prominent artists and their art studios, today we present American Impressionist CW Mundy.

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