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Burton Silverman -

Burton Silverman Earns Lifetime Achievement Award

VIDEO > Please help us congratulate this legendary artist, and watch a video from his recent Lifetime Achievement award, highlighting his life’s work.
Renaissance Drawings

Spectacular Mysteries: Renaissance Drawings Revealed

“In the end, this exhibition is the story of what we know, what we don’t know, what we might know, and what we can’t know about these extraordinary works of art and their world.”
Acrylic cityscape paintings

Angels of Paris, Hollywood, London, New York

With this colorful collection, the artist represents a current condition: human isolation in a world dominated by technology and superficiality. But he doesn’t stop there . . .

Featured Artwork

Contemporary artists - Jeremy Lipking art -

The Art of Jeremy Lipking and Why It’s “Rooted in Nature”

Only rarely does an artist come along who not only can see the sensitive nuances of beauty in the world around us but who also has the skill to translate that vision onto canvas.
Contemporary artists - Matteo Massagrande -

The Essence of Light and Silence

This contemporary Italian painter has works exhibited alongside the art of such masters as Lopez Garcia, David Hockney, and Vincent van Gogh. Who is it?
Contemporary artists -

647 Entrants, to 10 Finalists, to $50,000

The Bennett Prize is the largest art award offered solely to women painters. The finalists and honorable mentions are …
Paintings of Water

Plunge: Multi-Media Portrayals of Water

Seascapes captured with oil, abstract paintings influenced by the movement of liquid, portraits of water and its various containers, and more will be featured in this multi-media group exhibition. Discover which artists are included, and when you can see these works in person.
Wildlife paintings -

A Relentless Pursuit

Wildlife artist Patricia Griffin travels from the Arctic to the Equator in relentless pursuit of experiencing animals in their natural habitats. Here’s why.
Fine art auctions - Jasper Johns

Winter Luxury Estates: A Fine Art Auction

Coming soon: This auction features live online bidding along with live in-house, written absentee, and live telephone bidding. It will include American prints and original fine art by Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, and others.
Oil landscape paintings collection -

East/West Visions: Scott Christensen & Quang Ho Oil Paintings

This exhibition brings together two of the country’s top landscape painters, highlighting both the similarities and differences in their styles. Discover where you can view the works in this preview.
Young Guns of the Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale

Coming Soon: Young Guns Art Show and Cocktail Party

Originating in 2013, the Young Guns gather each year for the rare opportunity to engage with artists and have a chance to purchase many art pieces for their own use and collection. When?
Drawing by Albrecht Dürer

Throwback Thursday Art of the Week: The Patron Saints of Austria

In this new weekly “throwback Thursday” series, take a look at an important historic artwork.

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