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Pastel paintings -

Celebrating the Art of Pastels

This show features 80 luminous pastel paintings in a variety of genres — landscape, urbanscape, portrait, and still life — rendered in realistic to abstract forms.
Art auctions -

Record-Breaking Monet Leads $350M Evening Sale

This Monet painting now boasts an auction record for the artist, as well as an auction record for any work of Impressionist art.
Norman Rockwell and His Contemporaries -

Norman Rockwell and His Contemporaries

Featuring original paintings, works on paper, vintage posters, and accompanying artifacts, this exhibition highlights the changes to daily life in America during three very different decades: the “Fabulous Forties” to the “Sensational Sixties.”

Featured Artwork

Western art -

Into a New West

Exploring cultural topics such as the environment, feminism, and social commentary, this exhibit showcases a shift from traditional representations to new ideologies and expressions of the West.
Oil paintings by Nicolas Martin -

Spotlight on Nicolas Martin: Intimate Interiors

“Since most of my paintings are invitations,” says Nicolas Martin, “people’s reactions are very often based on what they would like to do in this room.”
Kyle Ma oil paintings -

Kyle Ma: Fresh Off the Easel

The paint was still drying on “Early Spring Blooms” when artist Kyle Ma shared with us his thoughts about his latest work.
Contemporary paintings -

On the Shoulders of Giants

Featured artists include Gabriel Coke, Adrian Gottlieb, David Gray, Brianna Lee, Jim McVicker, Cuong Nguyen, Sarah Sedwick, Enzo Segovia, Robert K. Semans, Oliver Sin, Conor Walton, Zhaoming Wu, and Elizabeth Zanzinger. Learn more details in this preview.
Contemporary oil paintings - Janet Cook -

Defying Gravity and Expectations

Throughout our lives many things pull and push us in different directions, resulting in complex internal struggles. This show examines these struggles with metaphor and humor, running the gamut from imaginative combinations to straightforward realism.
Graphite drawings -

What Were We Thinking?

This series follows a fictitious pair of men as they traipse across the earth employing elaborate methods to steal and transport precious cargo. "American Commerce" explores concepts of appropriation, colonialism, and trade economics with a delightful deadpan humor.
Contemporary oil paintings - Dianne Massey Dunbar -

Artist Spotlight: Painting the Ordinary

“Almost all of life is lived in the ordinary,” says Dianne Massey Dunbar. "I wanted to honor what we see every day, our shared experiences. Rain. Street workmen. Coke bottles. The more I looked, the more I realized…”
Contemporary oil portraits -

Art Studio Tour in West Austin, Texas

Learn more about the free and self-guided 8th Annual West Austin Studio Tour, and preview some of the participating artists here.
Portrait paintings in oil by Agnes Grochulska -

Line and Color: Paintings of People

Employing simplified composition and using gestural lines and bold colors, her intention is to reveal something visceral about the subject, and connect it to a larger and more significant message about human existence, rather than creating a close recording of a physical likeness.

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