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Folding screens in art

The Screen Show

Folding screens were especially popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, serving typically as room dividers and often used by their owners to dress or undress behind, but they have also been a more experimental form of artistic expression. Learn where you can see a juried exhibition of new works that explores the screen form.
Contemporary landscape paintings

To See Is Not To Speak

Don't Miss > View a Swiss painter’s oil paintings of the majestic Alps in this exhibition announcement.
Fine art drawings

An Unlikely Cosmopolitan Artform

Learn about a special exhibition of signature paintings, caricatures, and drawings by a Mexican illustrator, writer, and anthropologist.

Featured Artwork

Art Collecting - Advice

A Valuable Lesson in Art Collecting

Fine Art Connoisseur’s Editor-in-Chief Peter Trippi speaks often to art collectors about the importance of organizing, protecting, and insuring their precious works of art. A telling case-in-point unfolded in Wyoming.
Fine art oil paintings

Spotlight on Artist Richard Oversmith

Although he usually makes small compositional sketches before he starts a landscape painting outdoors, Oversmith must respond to changing conditions of light and weather on a minute-by-minute basis. Learn more about his work in this spotlight.
PleinAir Salon winners - Artists Over 65

9 Outstanding Paintings From Artists Over 65

Do you know any of these artists?
Fine art acrylic paintings and mixed media

Morton Kaish: An Eye for Nature

“Nature seems to reach out to us to say something of the mystery and wonder of it all,” says the artist. “And some part of us wants to reply, ‘I was here. I saw this. I felt this.’”
Booth Western Art Museum gala

Love of Art Gala and Art Auction

The evening’s highlight is the presentation of the museum’s Artist of Excellence Award to artist John Coleman.

Mountains and the Rise of Landscape

“Mountains and the Rise of Landscape” is the culmination of a curatorial project and a research seminar conducted at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, the latter focusing on the question, How do you model a mountain?
Botticelli paintings

Lucretia and Virginia, Reunited

Botticelli reinvented ancient Roman and early Christian heroines and heroes as role models, transforming their stories of lust, betrayal, and violence into parables for a new era of political and religious turmoil.
Fine art paintings

Studies From Rome

This exhibition features over 30 drawings and paintings made on location from a selection of Rome’s most iconic masterpieces. See a preview of the artist’s work here.
Ida O'Keeffe artist

Ida O’Keeffe: Escaping Georgia’s Shadow

The exhibition explores Ida’s mastery of color and composition, which caught the eye of critics, as well as her complex relationship with her well-known sister Georgia O’Keeffe and the effect it had on Ida’s life and professional aspirations.

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