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"Tobias Restoring His Father's Sight" ~ Pereda y Salgado

El Greco, Goya, and a Taste for Spain

Discover an exhibition of three centuries of saints and sinners, secular and sacred likenesses meant to inspire devotion, admiration, and at times discomfort.
Plein air landscape paintings -

Into the Wilderness: Wind River Range, Wyoming

Learn about a two-person exhibition of plein air landscape paintings that were created on a trip that is “unlike anything else.”
Figurative Art Convention & Expo

Advancing the Cause of Figurative Art, FACE to FACE

Hosted by Eric Rhoads and Peter Trippi, this event offers a memorable combination of demonstrations by renowned masters, informal conversations among artists, and formal lectures by scholars.

Featured Artwork

Boston International Fine Art Show

23rd Annual Boston International Fine Art Show

This show features numerous outstanding galleries specializing in American and European art, from Old Masters to Contemporary.
Wild Side Art Show and Sale

October 20: Wild Side Art Show and Sale

This upcoming event celebrates the longstanding tradition of plein air painting on Catalina Island.
Koo Schadler, “Profile of Lily with Pearl Buttons,” silverpoint on paper

Argentum: Contemporary Silverpoint

Discover contemporary artists utilizing a long-forgotten drawing medium in this gallery exhibition.
Flesh and Blood: Italian Masterpieces

Flesh and Blood: Italian Masterpieces

“Flesh and Blood” at the Seattle Art Museum reveals the many ways the human body can express love and devotion, physical labor, and tragic suffering.
Oil Painting composition -

An Oil Painting Fresh off the Easel: Quince and Oriole

Kathy Anderson is no stranger to strong design, which is a major factor in her floral paintings. In the following, Kathy shares her thoughts on her newest painting, “Quince and Oriole.”
Claude Monet paintings -

Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature

The exhibition will feature about 120 paintings spanning Monet’s entire career and will focus on the celebrated French impressionist artist’s enduring relationship with nature and his response to the varied and distinct places in which he worked.
Kathy Anderson, OPAM, “Zion Red Rock,” oil on canvas, 12 x 20 in.

Oil Painters of America Eastern Regional Juried Exhibition

Of 1,200 submissions, approximately 100 artists will be selected to be part of this exhibition.
“Painters and Their Wives” by James Tissot

James Tissot: Fashion & Faith

View one of Tissot’s largest and most finely detailed paintings, in which the artist’s companion, model, and greatest love is caught in motion with a swish of frothy pleats and petticoats, inviting us to follow her into the picture.
Jonathan Hodge, “Katrina,” oil on panel, 48 x 72 in.

On View: The Magic of Realism

These works celebrate that the contemporary realism movement is alive and well, and growing strong. See for yourself in this exhibition preview.

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