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The 2019 Museum Guide

This special resource from Fine Art Connoisseur highlights the tremendous quality and public-spiritedness of art museums across North America.
Contemporary landscape paintings

To See Is Not To Speak

View a Swiss painter’s oil paintings of the majestic Alps in this exhibition announcement.
Oil portrait paintings -

The Approaches of 8 Twin Cities Painters

Numerous paintings by each artist are displayed in the exhibition, creating a veritable salon-style emporium of approaches to the portrait.

Featured Artwork

The Winter Show, New York

NYC’s Longest-Running Art, Antiques, and Design Fair

Spanning more than 5,000 years, from antiquities to contemporary photography and design, this event continues to broaden its scope, introducing established and emerging exhibitors to new and expanding audiences. This year it will be held . . .
Art Academy of Cincinnati

Frank Duveneck, Reinterpreted

Cincinnati artists remember an American painter with each brush stroke.
American art oil paintings

American Beauty and Bounty

Collectively, these paintings communicate a spirit of American optimism, of transcendental wonderment in nature, of national abundance, and of nostalgia for ways of life that, even as the scenes were being painted, seemed already to be passing.
Renaissance art -

The Renaissance Nude

This exhibition traces the emergence and influence of the nude in Renaissance art, featuring more than 100 works, including those by Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Dürer, Titian, and others. Discover when you can view it, in this preview.
Salvador Dali -

Salvador Dalí Etchings, Tapestries, and Drawings

Salvador Dalí and Pierre Argillet began working together in 1959 and produced nearly 200 etchings over a 15-year period. They are noted for their attention to detail with wide-ranging themes such as mythology, Faust, and bullfights, as well as the writings of Apollinaire, Chairman Mao, and Don Juan among others. Learn more about this exhibition, including the location.
LA Art Show - art news

2019 LA Art Show: An Encyclopedic Exhibitor Lineup

For its 24 edition, the LA Art Show is expanding even further into the global market. Discover the event dates and more here.
Fine art paintings

Studies From Rome

This exhibition features over 30 drawings and paintings made on location from a selection of Rome’s most iconic masterpieces. See a preview of the artist’s work here.
Fine art oil paintings

The Language of Light

View the oil paintings of a Paris-born Northern California painter in this exhibition that takes place in Napa Valley.
Art exhibitions - Kate Lehman

Representation Through a Prism

Curated by Stephen Bauman and Edmond Rochat, “Prism” presents the work of artists who skillfully translate the visual world through the prism of their own distinct vision.

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