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Watercolor landscape paintings

Watercolor Landscapes of Home

The Concord Museum is debuting a new exhibition titled "Home" by Loring W. Coleman, a notable plein air painter of New England landscapes through...
Tennessee Williams with his bulldogs

Tennessee Williams: The Painter and the Playwright

Tennessee Williams, one of the greatest playwrights of the 20th century, was also a painter. While he used his plays to explore the dynamics of the American South and his tumultuous upbringing, Williams ...

Rest in Peace, Brian Yoder

A founder of the Art Renewal Center, Brian Yoder loved art and indulged his passion to educate the world about fine art ...

Featured Artwork

Simon Lok, “Wilshire Boulevard, Downtown L.A.,” Oil, 9″ x 12″

Welcome to California

Preview paintings included in "Welcome to California," a virtual display that showcases more than 200 small works – both paintings and sculpture – of the land and lifestyle of the Golden State.
Figurative painting

Manifestations: Narrative Paintings by Matthew Benedict

Benedict’s fascinations with systems of belief ranging from the biblical to the occult are embedded in his work, as are literary references and contemporary allusions. His paintings deliberately ...
Sculpture of a man in New York City

The Working Man’s Obstacles

From competition to concepts of corporate success, this New York-based sculptor has created a series of thought-provoking outdoor installations. Where?
Friday Virtual Gallery Walk

Friday Virtual Gallery Walk for January 15, 2021

As part of our effort to continue to keep artists and art galleries in business, we're proud to bring you this week's "Virtual Gallery Walk."
Classical art still life painting of flowers in a window

Juliette Aristides: A Life’s Work

“This collection of paintings, in their stillness and silence, are a record and a gift of this time," says Aristides. She adds that the aim of many art forms, from poetry to painting, is to ...

Artist Spotlight: Dustin Van Wechel

For wildlife artist Dustin Van Wechel, success is two-fold. If he can answer yes to two questions, he feels he has achieved success as an artist.
Oil painting of animal hides

Claudio Bravo: Transforming the Ordinary

This exhibition of paintings, pastels, and drawings includes works exhibited publicly for the first time in the United States. Preview them here...
contemporary realism art - Tanvi Pathare

On View: Realism Art from the Florence Academy

“All of the works are an individual expression of these artists’ work," said curator Tanvi Pathare, "but the red thread that connects them all is their ability to transcend life around them into moments of timeless beauty."
acrylic landscape paintings

70+ Paintings by Charles Movalli (1945 – 2016)

Browse a preview of the landscapes by Charles Movalli here, and enjoy a charming video of the artist speaking about composition choices.

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