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Renaissance art -

The Renaissance Nude

This exhibition traces the emergence and influence of the nude in Renaissance art, featuring more than 100 works, including those by Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo, Dürer, Titian, and others. Discover when you can view it, in this preview.
Painting light with oil -

Nicolas Martin: Dedicated to Light

“There are different types of light,” says Martin, “and each of my paintings brings a new challenge and perhaps the solution to my next one. I’m constantly trying to tame the light.” Learn more about the artist and his techniques in this profile.
Small works -

Under 7 x 7, Under $500

“Tiny” is an annual small works exhibition featuring artworks that are smaller than 7 x 7 inches, and under $500 (many under $250). Learn the details and see a preview here.

Featured Artwork

Watercolor paintings -

Homes of the American Presidents

The homes of George Washington, FDR, and Teddy Roosevelt are included in this exhibition, as well as Thomas Jefferson’s famed Monticello, among others. Where?

Catalina: The Wild Side Grosses Six Figures

Proceeds from the sales of the artworks benefit the Catalina Island Conservancy’s programs and support its collection of plein air art that documents the organization’s conservation efforts and progress in habitat restoration.
Taos artists -

The Taos 6

Manitou Galleries’ “Taos 6 Show” is a celebration of Manitou artists who have studios in Taos and whose imagery of choice emphasizes the local people and environment. These featured artists are not integrated under a single style but simply a desire to create.
Ida O'Keeffe artist

Ida O’Keeffe: Escaping Georgia’s Shadow

The exhibition explores Ida’s mastery of color and composition, which caught the eye of critics, as well as her complex relationship with her well-known sister Georgia O’Keeffe and the effect it had on Ida’s life and professional aspirations.
Fine art oil portraits

Actor, Model, Artist

When looking through this artist’s portfolio, one can detect a sense of directness and daring in the works. Who is the artist? Find out in this spotlight.
Fine art landscape paintings

10 Spontaneous Landscape Paintings

This new body of work is a response to the artist’s natural environment in central Utah, where he closely observes and interprets craggy mountain silhouettes, broad green valleys, and foggy winter skies.
Gauguin paintings -

Gauguin: A Spiritual Journey

More than sixty Gauguin works will be on view — ranging from oil paintings and works on paper to wood carvings and ceramics — alongside art of the Pacific Islands from the museum’s collection. Combined, these works encompass distinctive phases of Gauguin’s career to show the development of his ideas, the scope of his oeuvre, and the inspiration he found in New Zealand, the Marquesas Islands, and Tahiti. When?
Artists on Art magazine

From the Artist’s Perspective — November/December Edition

Collectors can see what artists have to say about the creation of their oil paintings, drawings, and more.
Art history -

TBT Painting of the Week: Venetian Canal, c. 1925

In this new weekly “throwback Thursday” series, take a look at an important historic artwork.

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