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Wildlife paintings

Owl Models for Artist, Raises Money for Wildlife Center

Contributions and proceeds from the sales of wildlife paintings by Edward Aldrich will help to conserve and restore native wildlife and their habitats. Learn how you can participate here.
Fine art figure paintings

Liberation: 17 Paintings by Bruno Surdo on View

The viewer will recognize references to mythology, literature, and folklore, as well as archetypal reflections of Jungian psychology representing male and female sexuality.
Figurative art

Acceptance and Rejections of Figurative Art

The contemporary figurative movement is a diverse and lively one. John A. Varriano explains.

Featured Artwork

Western art

2018 “Quest” Award Recipients

“Quest for the West” brought together 50 of the nation’s leading Western artists and approximately 300 art collectors for a luck-of-the-draw sale and awards gala. See the list of award winners here.
Contemporary sculptures

A Risky Change: Spotlight on Mark Yale Harris

See how this 80-year-old sculptor’s work ethic of discipline and perseverance transferred from the hotel business to art.
Dutch drawings

Masterful Likeness: Dutch Drawings of the Golden Age

In this golden age, artists inspired by the everyday made vast numbers of highly finished drawings. View a selection of them here.
Fine art oil paintings

6 Things That Keep Artists From Improving Their Work

In this guest blog post from Kyle Ma, discover what might be keeping you from raising the bar.
Fine art 16th-century drawings

The Visible Invisible Man

Though you look at this 16th-century drawing, can you ever see what’s really there?
Artists on Art magazine

From the Artist’s Perspective – September/October Edition

Collectors can see what artists have to say about the creation of their oil paintings, sculptures, and more.
Art collecting advice

Art Collecting 101: Advice for Buying Art at a Gallery

New to art collecting? Robby Felder, of Felder Gallery, shares his advice for buying art at a gallery.
Art Renewal Center fine art exhibition

13th International ARC Salon Exhibition

The exhibition will consist of 89 contemporary realist works selected from over 3,750 entries from 69 countries.
Fine art exhibitions - The Met

Arts and Culture of Armenia

This exhibition focuses on major Armenian centers of production from their homeland west and east, with emphasis on images of Armenians, from self-portraits to depictions of male and female rulers, donors, theologians, and historians.

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