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Three Exhibitions that Help Celebrate the National Portrait Gallery’s 50th Anniversary

We wish a warm congratulations to the National Portrait Gallery as it celebrates its 50th year in 2018 with the following special exhibitions.
Jane Freilicher Paintings |

Opulent Beauty in a Homespun Environment: Jane Freilicher Paintings

The fine art exhibition “Jane Freilicher: 50s New York” will include early still lifes, portraits, ​and the studio views that elucidate the artist’s characteristically deft balance of interior and exterior.
Fine art auctions - Charles M. Russell

Buffalo Hunt Oil Painting Selected for Live Auction

Fine art paintings and bronze sculptures by Charles M. Russell will soon be offered for sale.

Featured Artwork

Out West Art Show - Phil Korell

14 Squared: Small Works on View

Preview paintings from “14 Squared” at the Out West Art Show here.
Rembrandt Mugahl drawings

Rembrandt and the Inspiration of India

Juxtaposing Rembrandt's depictions of Mughal rulers and courtiers with Indian paintings and drawings of similar compositions, this exhibition reveals how Rembrandt was inspired to draw in an entirely different style prompted by his curiosity for a foreign culture.

Preview the 9th Annual Texas Masters Art Show

View the fine art oil paintings currently on display at InSight Gallery in Fredericksburg.

A $50,000 Biennial Prize Recognizing Women Figurative Realist Painters

Announcing The Bennett Prize: Propelling the careers of women figurative realist painters.

“Old News” That Inspires Fresh Dialogue

Adam Straus, known for his majestic and luminous depictions of the sublime, often includes in his work a deep concern about social and environmental issues.

Capturing a Vision: The Portuguese Bend Tradition

Exemplars of the plein air tradition are featured in this exhibition, showing the Palos Verdes coastline in oil, watercolor, and pencil sketches.
American Realism - Edward Hopper

A European Take on American Realism

The evolution of American realism is not a familiar story in Western Europe. There, even artworks by American realists as famous as Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth are surprisingly hard to find because European museums have somehow not acquired them.

Eclectic and Impressive: A Recap of Art Palm Springs

Now in its seventh year, this innovative Palm Springs art fair boasted representation for 70 galleries. With events and tours led by scholars, curators, and critics, the well-rounded event has become quite a hotspot indeed.

Fine Art by Daniel Keys and A Moment in the Spotlight for “Abundance”

Watch a preview of “Opus,” a fine art exhibition from Daniel Keys, and see why he was “secretly thrilled” when a collector chose another painting over the floral featured here.

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