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Fine art drawings by Sue Bryan

On Paper, An Exhibition of Drawings

The Florence Academy of Art's exhibit will showcase a selection of drawings by more than 30 of today’s figurative artists.
Ryan Brown, artist

Americans in Paris: A Bi-Continental Fine Art Exhibition

Announcing a collection of artworks that reflect how 15 painters have been inspired by the city of light, love, fashion, and art. On view in the U.S. and in Paris; which will you attend?
Fine art paintings

Towards A New Hierarchy of Art

As increasing numbers of artists seek out traditional techniques in art and compete for prizes, the question of hierarchy may be worth visiting, if only to do this...

Featured Artwork

Fine art sculptures by Kathy Ruttenberg

Fantastical Narrative Sculptures that Combine Human, Animal, and Plant Forms

Ruttenberg's sculptural prowess delightfully breaks the boundaries between art, the urban environment, nature, dream, and reality. View them in person on the streets listed here.
Peter Adams paintings

Inspirations for the Fourteen Stations of the Cross

“Inspirations for the Fourteen Stations of the Cross and Sacred Themes” aims to provide a glimpse into Peter Adams’ artistic process in developing the paintings, which included embarking on a journey to this sacred place.
Fine art landscape paintings

From Blazing Heat to Cool Nocturnes: This Land Is . . .

The gallery sought painters whose works displayed two specific qualities (see what they are in this preview).
Gramercy Park painting by Roger Rossi

Gramercy Neighborhood Art at the Salmagundi Club

The Gramercy Art Show is an exhibition for local neighbors to display their paintings, drawings, and/or sculptures.
Art history - portrait of John Russell

Secrets, Spies, and Subterfuge: English Civil War Portraits Revealed

Fine art historian and curator Angus Haldane will explore the nuances of British politics, religion, and fashion, and show the profound effect the civil conflict had on English society as depicted in portraits that hang at National Trust Properties.
Art Collections - Walter Franklin Lansil paintings

The Allure of Venice: Fine Art Paintings by Walter Franklin Lansil

Walter Franklin Lansil found some of his richest inspiration in this timeless city during the 1880s. See more of his work in this exhibition preview from the Whistler House Museum of Art.
Birds in art - Alexander Wilson drawings

Birds in Art, Before Audubon

Though Alexander Wilson had no background as an artist, he taught himself to draw accurate illustrations for the 76 hand-colored engraved and etched plates in his nine volumes of careful observations of the birds of the eastern United States.
Watercolor landscapes by Gregory Sumida

Americana Watercolors: Rural Scenes Painted in the 1970s

Following in the tradition of Andrew Wyeth, this artist captured a slice of Americana through his own interpretive lens.
Claude Monet paintings

Monet and Architecture at the National Gallery

With a focus on buildings and other structures in Claude Monet’s (1840-1926) works, this is the first exhibition devoted to the artist’s relationship with architecture, and invites us to see the ‘Father of Impressionism” in an entirely new way.

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