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Impressionist Art - Best of Show: "The Man who Herded the Hairy Cow" by Jove Wang

Who Took Home Awards at the 22nd Annual AIS

Over $75,000 in cash and merchandise awards were presented, including a $12,000 cash award for ...
Realism art - Sharon Sprung, "Resting, but Complicated," oil on panel, 35 x 36 in.

The Need to Drift

Sharon Sprung recently delivered a new oil painting titled "Resting, But Complicated" to a New York gallery. Find out where and learn her inspirations behind this new piece.
Frank Vincent DuMond landscape painting

Influential Teacher-Painter: Works on View

This key figure in American art and art education is known for his lush ...

Featured Artwork

"Life is Looking for Crayfish," watercolor by Kathleen Giles

Watercolor Society Celebrates 101st Exhibition

Known for its diversity of watermedia styles, masters of the medium, and up and coming artists from around the world, this society ...

OPA 2021 Eastern Regional Juried Exhibition

Artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts will find a collection of traditional oil paintings representative of the high quality of work being produced by the nationally and internationally acclaimed painters in this exhibition.
Female artist standing next to her painting on an easel.

Artist Spotlight: Kim VanDerHoek

Kim DerHoek has an approach to painting that keeps her work looking fresh while preventing her from becoming bored and too set in her ways.

Inspiring art studios - Garin Baker

Inspiring Art Studios: A Tour with Garin Baker

Photo Essay: Garin Baker’s space is unique in that he and his wife, Clara, have been restoring their 4500 square-foot property by converting the attached carriage house into the perfect artist haven.
Friday Virtual Gallery Walk

Friday Virtual Gallery Walk for September 24, 2021

As part of our effort to continue to keep artists and art galleries in business, we're proud to bring you this week's "Virtual Gallery Walk."
Landscape oil paintings - Walt Gonske

Artist Walt Gonske Looks Back

"My best work comes when I’m able to give up control ... Then the painting takes on a life of its own.”
Landscape paintings - ANNIE LYLE HARMON (1855–1930), Eucalyptus, Menlo Park, undated (c. 1900–15), oil on canvas, 18 x 12 in., private collection, Austin

Rarely Seen Works: On Her Own Path

The artist is seldom highlighted today because most of her work was destroyed during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire.
Creating Art - John Wentz, Untitled, 13 x 17 inches, Oil on canvas

How Creating Art is More Than “Process”

"How do they do that?" Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look into how the process of creating art, including the "unfinished" pieces, becomes the finished work.
The Peter Rose and Albert Gallichan Collection - art auctions

Auction: The Rose – Gallichan Art Collection

The couple were pioneering collectors of 19th Century fine and decorative arts. This unique collection was a shared passion assembled from the 1950s onwards.

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