contemporary realism art - Tanvi Pathare

On View: Realism Art from the Florence Academy

“All of the works are an individual expression of these artists’ work," said curator Tanvi Pathare, "but the red thread that connects them all is their ability to transcend life around them into moments of timeless beauty."
Contemporary figure paintings

21 Figure Paintings You Must See

Artists have been depicting the figure for millennia, sometimes in exacting detail and sometimes vaguely, but always with the understanding that every viewer has a direct connection with the subject — and also a way of assessing the rendition’s accuracy.
Featured oil paintings by Michael Malm

Timeless Grace, Moved Emotions

Powerful feelings of nostalgia, hope, and serenity are often evoked by Michael Malm’s paintings. Giving visual voice to his faith and the profound joy he experiences through nature’s beauty, Malm’s best works regularly manifest before he even grabs the brush.
Plein air landscape paintings

Wilderness to Villages: Paintings of Europe

What was planned as an artist's overnight stop, en route to Germany coming from Lapland, Europe's Arctic North, later turned out as a stay until June at a cabin in the woods.
landscape oil paintings

20 Painters with a Passion for Place

With a particular emphasis on contemporary Northern California landscape painting, this exhibition celebrates the beauty of nature and life in harmony with it.
contemporary acrylic paintings Jeremy Miranda

Jeremy Miranda Solo Exhibition: “Everyday”

The artist takes a deep interest in common objects and subjects of everyday life, from ingredients laid out on a kitchen counter while a pot simmers on the stove, to the dashboard of a car on a night errand or brushes soaking in a cup in his own studio.
Edward Hopper paintings of Paris

12 Edward Hopper Paintings of Paris

These defining works were created during the iconic American painter’s early career while he lived in and visited Paris. Find out where you can view them in person in this exhibition preview.
Watercolor landscape paintings

Watercolor Landscapes of Home

The Concord Museum is debuting a new exhibition titled "Home" by Loring W. Coleman, a notable plein air painter of New England landscapes through...
Narrative paintings

An Artist’s Life Behind the Easel

Influenced by 17th century Masters such as Vermeer and Velasquez, these intimate interiors are an inward look at the artists life within his studio and classroom environments, which includes his relationship with his family, friends, models and art students.
Friday Virtual Gallery Walk

Friday Virtual Gallery Walk for November 6, 2020

As part of our effort to continue to keep artists and art galleries in business, we're proud to bring you this week's "Virtual Gallery Walk."

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