Utah landscape paintings - Kate Starling - FineArtConnoisseur.com

The Simple Beauty of Utah Landscapes

Kate Starling uses her past as a geologist and national parks ranger to capture the intricacies and sensory experience of public places, which she expresses through landscape paintings with an intimate perspective.
Impressionist paintings - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Third Annual AIS Small Works Showcase

This showcase is a juried exhibition opportunity open to members of the American Impressionist Society. Get the details in this announcement.
Landscape paintings - Dave Santillanes - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Spiritually Intimate: Dave Santillanes Landscape Paintings

“There’s no better way to get to know a place on earth than to sit for a couple of hours and contemplate it while painting,” says the artist.
The Year of Rembrandt - FineArtConnoisseur.com

The Year of Rembrandt

2019 marks the 350th Anniversary of Rembrandt van Rijn, the greatest master of the Dutch Golden Age. To celebrate this important anniversary, the Rijksmuseum is staging “The Year of Rembrandt,” an extraordinary year of special events and exhibitions celebrating the work of one of the world’s greatest artists.
Pastel paintings - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Celebrating the Art of Pastels

This show features 80 luminous pastel paintings in a variety of genres — landscape, urbanscape, portrait, and still life — rendered in realistic to abstract forms.
Art auctions - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Record-Breaking Monet Leads $350M Evening Sale

This Monet painting now boasts an auction record for the artist, as well as an auction record for any work of Impressionist art.
Norman Rockwell and His Contemporaries - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Norman Rockwell and His Contemporaries

Featuring original paintings, works on paper, vintage posters, and accompanying artifacts, this exhibition highlights the changes to daily life in America during three very different decades: the “Fabulous Forties” to the “Sensational Sixties.”
Western art - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Into a New West

Exploring cultural topics such as the environment, feminism, and social commentary, this exhibit showcases a shift from traditional representations to new ideologies and expressions of the West.
Oil paintings by Nicolas Martin - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Spotlight on Nicolas Martin: Intimate Interiors

“Since most of my paintings are invitations,” says Nicolas Martin, “people’s reactions are very often based on what they would like to do in this room.”
Kyle Ma oil paintings - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Kyle Ma: Fresh Off the Easel

The paint was still drying on “Early Spring Blooms” when artist Kyle Ma shared with us his thoughts about his latest work.

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