Gustav Klimt drawings |

Drawings from an Artist Who is Both Fashionable and Sensual

Unfazed by social convention, the artist featured in this exhibition reveals essential aspects of life, shedding light on the wide range of sexual desire, the experience of pregnancy, and the ineluctable realities of birth and death.
Dean Mitchell paintings -

Paintings That Represent the Backbone of Our Nation

Dean Mitchell makes visible the people and spaces that are rarely looked upon as symbols of beauty and power.
Fine art oil paintings -

A Dance of Organized Chaos and Passion

Artist Laurie Meyer is emboldened and excited by that energy, and for her upcoming solo exhibition, she's bringing it to the canvas with a series of paintings from a setting that will leave you hungry for more.
Pamela Newell oil paintings

1st Spring Best of America National Juried Exhibition

The National Oil & Acrylic Painters’ Society announces a new exhibition featuring small works. Discover when and where you can view them here.
Imaginative Realism - Victoria Steel paintings

Imaginative Realism and Art that Bends the Laws of Our World

A capable artist can share their imagination in ways others cannot. See how this exhibition highlights the ingenuity of the artist’s mind, and preview contemporary examples of Imaginative Realism here.
Kelly Carmody fine art oil paintings

A Year of Travel and Exploration

From calm interiors to windswept seascapes, enjoy a preview of Kelly Carmody’s solo exhibition, and find out where you can view it in person.
Fine art drawings by Sue Bryan

On Paper, An Exhibition of Drawings

The Florence Academy of Art's exhibit will showcase a selection of drawings by more than 30 of today’s figurative artists.
Ryan Brown, artist

Americans in Paris: A Bi-Continental Fine Art Exhibition

Announcing a collection of artworks that reflect how 15 painters have been inspired by the city of light, love, fashion, and art. On view in the U.S. and in Paris; which will you attend?
Fine art paintings

Towards A New Hierarchy of Art

As increasing numbers of artists seek out traditional techniques in art and compete for prizes, the question of hierarchy may be worth visiting, if only to do this...
Fine art sculptures by Kathy Ruttenberg

Fantastical Narrative Sculptures that Combine Human, Animal, and Plant Forms

Ruttenberg's sculptural prowess delightfully breaks the boundaries between art, the urban environment, nature, dream, and reality. View them in person on the streets listed here.

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