“Parts”: Inspired by the Skeletal Remains of Metal

For the past three years, Michael Kareken has visited auto salvage yards and created drawings of the skeletal remains of cars and trucks. Learn about his current exhibition at Groveland Gallery and see what draws him to this subject...

Diverse Expressions of a Specific Genre: “12×12, A Portrait Exhibition”

"Whatever approach the artist chooses, these artworks present to us the vivid sense of a real person’s presence," says exhibition curator Stephen Bauman. This fine art exhibition will showcase 12” x 12” portraits by more than 30 of today’s leading figurative artists.

Fine Art News: The Met’s Updated Admissions Policy

Beginning March 1, 2018, The Metropolitan Museum of Art will update its admissions policy. Keep reading to see if and how it affects you.

Captivating Cathedrals and a Countertenor: A Fine Art Story

When Grammy- and Gramophone- winning countertenor Iestyn Davies found an artist whose work deeply connected with his background, he did the only obvious thing...

Subjects That Can Alter Their Own Outcomes: An Exhibition by Katherine Fraser

In her third solo exhibition with the gallery, Katherine Fraser draws inspiration from fables and explores what it means to have control over our own destinies; universally-known stories and endings are suddenly given the ability to change.

Nature’s Balance: A Fine Art Exhibition

Debra Huse Gallery welcomes the work of Michael Obermeyer, whose paintings bring "fresh perspectives of nature's beauty and balance."

River Rock Sculptures and Landscape Paintings: A Combined Exhibition

Chula Beauregard has created significant studio pieces to capture the pulse of Carpenter Ranch (CO) and its workings. Her work will soon be on view in an exhibition also featuring river sculptures.

An Artistic Exploration of Islands and Waterways

Read about the Boston Harbor Islands Project, an “unintentional” endeavor by Joseph McGurl.

A $15M Donation That’s Turning Vision Into Reality

The Ringling School of Art and Design recently received a record-breaking donation. See what the school is doing to have inspired such a generous gift.

Paintings Infused With History: The Work and Philosophy of Leroy Campbell

Art in the Atrium, Inc (New Jersey), is currently showing “Lift Every Voice,” the state’s largest exhibition of African-American art, featuring the work of Leroy Campbell and many more.

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