Fine art oil paintings

6 Things That Keep Artists From Improving Their Work

In this guest blog post from Kyle Ma, discover what might be keeping you from raising the bar.
Fine art 16th-century drawings

The Visible Invisible Man

Though you look at this 16th-century drawing, can you ever see what’s really there?
Artists on Art magazine

From the Artist’s Perspective – September/October Edition

Collectors can see what artists have to say about the creation of their oil paintings, sculptures, and more.
Art collecting advice

Art Collecting 101: Advice for Buying Art at a Gallery

New to art collecting? Robby Felder, of Felder Gallery, shares his advice for buying art at a gallery.
Art Renewal Center fine art exhibition

13th International ARC Salon Exhibition

The exhibition will consist of 89 contemporary realist works selected from over 3,750 entries from 69 countries.
Fine art exhibitions - The Met

Arts and Culture of Armenia

This exhibition focuses on major Armenian centers of production from their homeland west and east, with emphasis on images of Armenians, from self-portraits to depictions of male and female rulers, donors, theologians, and historians.
Rembrandt drawings, etchings, and paintings

Rembrandt: Painter as Printmaker

Showcasing more than 100 of Rembrandt’s celebrated etchings, drawings, and paintings, the exhibition commemorates the 350th anniversary of his death.
Western Art and Fine Art Auctions

Announcing the 2018 Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale

Learn about an event that benefits the Buffalo Bill Center of the West and has for 37 years been a highlight of Rendezvous Royale week in Cody, WY.
Fine art news -

2018 Global Fine Art Awards Nomination Event & Salon

Did you know that there is a program that recognizes the best art exhibitions and installations of art and design?
Art auction -

Boston Auctioneer Discovers Rare 19th-Century Oil Painting

This newly rediscovered orientalist painting has been described as a “perfected” version of one of Gérôme’s most evocative compositions.

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