16 New Reasons to Visit the Getty

If you needed yet another reason to visit the beautiful and prestigious J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles California, there are now 16 of them.

American Watercolor: A New Endeavor

Streamline Publishing, the parent company of Fine Art Connoisseur and PleinAir magazines, recently announced the launch of an exciting new online community for those who love and appreciate watercolor.

A Balance Between Realistic and Abstract Interpretation: Fine Art Landscape Paintings

Art Exhibition: Gallery 1261 is currently hosting a solo exhibition featuring Michael Workman, a landscape artist the gallery describes as “one of the major new American tonalist painters.”

Cityscapes with Infinite, Jigsaw-Like Complexity

Famous cities carry an endless number of associations. One can almost feel the pulse of a city when thinking of it, and each has its very own. It should come as no surprise, then, that artist Brad Aldridge, featured at an upcoming “Within the City” exhibition at Bonner David Galleries, has devoted his life to painting cityscapes that are “honest and grounded in somber realism” and simultaneously “encouraging and hopeful.”

State of Excellence: Treasures from Florida Private Collections

This spring, Central Florida will have a unique opportunity to get a glimpse of private art collections belonging to collectors from all over the sunshine state.

An Artistic Allegory of an Artistic Life

In “Artist’s Panel,” Johnston gives us a glimpse into his world, as shown in this honest still life art that includes objects of inspiration and practicality. See it in person now through March 22.

Twin Passions: Dina Brodsky on Cycling and Painting Miniatures

Exclusive Interview: Contemporary realist Dina Brodsky has a new show that celebrates her “twin passions” of bicycling and painting miniature landscapes on copper. The exhibition, titled “Cycling Guide to Lilliput,” will feature a collection of these miniature paintings. Each of them, the artist tells us, “is an attempt to capture a specific moment throughout my travels that I can return to vividly in my memory.”

RECAP of the 2018 LA ART SHOW

Fine Art Connoisseur had the pleasure of attending the recent opening-night party at the 23rd annual LA Art Show, Modern and Contemporary. Go behind the scenes in this exclusive review.

Universal Objectivity — The Great Lie

Peter Freeman, Inc. is the host of an exhibition of art by Catherine Murphy, whose “career-long interest has been in decoding reality as a place of constant and inevitable change, realizing abstract ideas through the exploration of everyday objects and situations."

At the Threshold of Dreams: New Oil Paintings by Vincent Desiderio

“Theseus” is a new exhibition at Marlborough Gallery, featuring 10 works from Vincent Desiderio that range in size from 5 feet, 9 inches to nearly 14 feet long. The artist has described his approach as "trying to create a sense of what it feels like to be at the threshold of dream images coalescing into sequentiality with no loss of their dreaminess, as it were."

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