Art Collecting 101: Five Reasons to Use an Art Advisor

Read an excerpt from Doug Woodham’s “Art Collecting Today” and learn why you might want to consider hiring an art advisor for your collecting journey.
Windows to the Divine - fine art oil paintings by Kathy Anderson

2018 Collectors for Connoisseurship Arts Weekends

Learn about an upcoming event hosted by Windows to the Divine, which promotes patronage and philanthropy that directly supports living artists and serves those in need.
Environmental art by William Lord

Healing Nature: Human Vision, Art, and the Environment

More than 700 artworks expressing the artist’s relationship to the natural world, or their response to issues confronting the environment, were submitted for this exhibition.
Fine art drawings - Pablo Picasso - Guernica

Celebrating Picasso’s “Guernica”

Exhibited, replicated all over the world, “Guernica” has been at the same time an anti-franco and an anti-fascist symbol.
American Plains Artists - Don Weller

American Plains Artists — Signature Member Showcase

The public is invited to attend a celebration of “Art of the Plains,” featuring realistic and representational artworks in traditional media that depict the American Great Plains region.
Fine Art Portrait Paintings | Eric Rhoads, Studio Incamminati

Thousands Watch: Three Artists, One Model

In an effort to drive interest in portraiture from life, three Studio Incamminati instructors painted Fine Art Connoisseur publisher B. Eric Rhoads during a Facebook live broadcast. Learn about the initiative here.
American Impressionist Society - photo by Susan Hong -ammons

200 Exemplars of American Impressionism

Walking into the Greenwich House Gallery, you’ll have the pleasure of viewing 200 impressionist paintings that include portraits, landscapes, and still lifes, in oil, watercolor, and pastel.
Fine art oil paintings - John Gibson

A Deceivingly Simple Shape That Makes For A Complex Painting

See why John Gibson has spent a quarter of a century painting a subject that, in and of itself, he “doesn’t really care that much about.”
fine art auctions - Bert Geer Phillips painting

Coming Soon: A Fine Art Auction with More Than 350 Works

Learn more about the Scottsdale Art Auction and preview some of the auction highlights here.
Fine art mixed media - Simon Dinnerstein

A Painting That’s Slightly Mad, But Also Completely Wonderful

The Fulbright Triptych and more Simon Dinnerstein works are on display; discover when and where you can view them.

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