The Fine Art of Painting Dog Portraits.
By Johanne Mangi, featured in "The Fine Art of Painting Dog Portraits."

A word from one of our sponsors … Today, we’re traveling into the minds of great artists to discover how they rose to a level of unsurpassed mastery in “The Fine Art of Painting Dog Portraits” with Johanne Mangi.

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The Fine Art of Painting Dog Portraits.Have you ever loved a dog so much that you just had to paint it? Well now you can!

In today’s video broadcast, you’ll see the amazing Johanne Mangi bring beautiful dogs to her canvas.

The image shown is “Sam, the Wonder Dog” whose owner is our very own Ali Cruickshank, whom many of you have gotten to know at our live events.

Whether you’re capturing your own beloved pet or creating a painting for someone else, Johanne is going to show you how to paint dog portraits so the piece becomes a treasured heirloom for a family. Don’t miss today’s broadcast if you want to create high-quality dog portraits!

See the full video here:

Video Length: 4 hours
With this exclusive video training, you will learn:

  • The masterful way Johanne manages to bring the dog’s eyes completely “to life”
  • The important things you need to know before you paint a dog
  • The clever thing Johanne includes on the canvas so you don’t have to think as much when painting
  • Synthetic vs. natural hair on a brush (here’s what Johanne recommends you go with and why)

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