Contemporary still life paintings - Stuart Dunkel - Dance of RA

A|MUS|E – Still Life Paintings by Stuart Dunkel

Preview a digital exhibition of still life paintings and more, featuring new works from contemporary artist Stuart Dunkel.
Contemporary figurative art - Luke Hillestad -

Figurative Art: Staying in Touch with Tradition

Luke Hillestad draws heavily upon some of history’s greatest painters to create canvases that vibrate with life and give voice to the primal beauty of humankind.
Contemporary oil paintings - Lauren Szabo -

Artist to Watch: Lauren Szabo

Contemporary artist Lauren Szabo learned that the mentors and fellow artists she admired most were those using their talent to make social, economic, political, and environmental commentaries and to help incite change.
Contemporary art galleries - RJD Gallery -

Gallery Spotlight: RJD Gallery

In this new “Gallery Spotlight” series, we’ll be featuring art galleries that are continuing to keep their doors open - in at least a virtual sense, that is.
Tim Send National Cowboy Museum

Why We Just Fell In Love With the Head of Security at the National...

With its temporary closing, the museum has asked their Head of Security to take the reigns of social media as well. We’re so glad they did.
Books for Art Lovers: In the Fullness of Time

Books for Art Lovers: In the Fullness of Time

Groundbreaking research from the Burchfield Penney Art Center lives on in the 238-page book "In the Fullness of Time."
Contemporary oil paintings - Julyan Davis -

Delay of Revelation: Inspired Oil Paintings by Julyan Davis

What do the sunny landscapes and interiors of Pierre Bonnard have in common with Davis’s somber paintings of the American South? The artist explains in this fascinating essay.
Impressionist paintings - Roseanne Cerbo_Rosanne Best of Show

Winning Impressionist Paintings: 2020 AIS Impressions Small Works

This year’s exhibition features 160 juried paintings, including an additional 14 paintings by AIS Masters, officers, and founders. Discover the winning artists in this announcement.
William Alther, "Balcones Respite," oil, 24 x 28 in., $6,500

Night of Artists Sale: Going Online

The Briscoe Western Art Museum will hold virtual exhibition and sale. Get the details here.

Event Updates for Art Galleries, Museums, and More

Many in-person art events are swiftly moving to alternatives such as online gallery showings or individual appointments. Here’s what’s still going on.

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