Acrylic portrait of a girl

Featured Artwork: Lavely Miller presented by The Bennett Prize

Lindsay, as I Remember Her By Lavely Miller Acrylic on paper on panel, 2020 40 x 30 in. $5,000 Available through the Muskegon Museum of Art Lavely Miller paints portraits...
Pastel painting of dissipating winter haze

Featured Artwork: Carol Strock Wasson

Dissipating Winter Haze 24 x 24 in. Pastel $2,000 Carol Strock Wasson: Dissipating Winter Haze won 1st place at the Dakota Art Pastels International Soft Pastel Competition 2021...
Oil painting of a wrangler on a horse running another horse to pasture

Featured Artwork: Ann Goble

Trouble By Ann Goble 16 x 16 in. Oil $2,200 Available through the OPA Salon, Quinlan Visual Arts Center The plans for “Trouble” began in Wickenburg, AZ at Rancho de...
Oil painting of the sun coming out from behind the clouds over floodplain

Featured Artwork: Philippe Gandiol

When Light Drips On Your Lap 24 x 30 in. Oil on linen $4,000 Available through the artist Philippe Gandiol painted this scene from a study of a sunset...
Oil painting of poppies on a hillside in Arizona with mountains in the background

Featured Artwork: Lori Putnam OPA (b. 1962)

Record Highs By Lori Putnam 36 x 48 in. Oil on linen $13,500 Available through Mary Williams Fine Arts Record Highs is aptly named from the trip that sparked its...
Oil painting of woman reading a book with her dog in a cafe

Featured Artwork: Liliya Muglia

Café Milan 20 x 24 in. Oil on canvas $3,840 Available through the artist or at Liliya Muglia: Café Milan is a painting that was created in Italy,...
Pastel painting of a Cape Cod cottage

Featured Artwork: Lisa Cunningham

A Cottage on the Cape By Lisa Cunningham 16 x 20 in. Pastel $2,150 Available through Cooper & Smith Gallery "A piece inspired by an early morning walk while taking...
Oil painting of flowers in a vase

Featured Artwork: Joan Drennan

Camellia Crazy By Joan Drennan 30 x 40 in. Oil on canvas Available through the artist Joan Drennan is a native Californian with a BA in English and Spanish...
Pastel painting of a fenced-in flower garden

Featured Artwork: Nancie King Mertz, PSA-MP, CPP-MP, IAPS-MC&EP

Cape May Garden By Nancie King Mertz 9 x 12 in. Soft pastel on mounted UART (demo for a Zoom class) $1,050 Available through ArtDeTriumph in Chicago An award-winning artist,...
Colorful painting of a woman with her face pressed to a horse

Featured Artwork: Tanmaya Bingham presented by The Bennett Prize

Sexy Giggles By Tanmaya Bingham Acrylic, colored pencil, watercolor, and glitter on panel, 2020 60 x 72 in. $19,200 Available through the Muskegon Museum of Art Tanmaya Bingham's dynamic series...

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