Featured Artwork: Laurie Hendricks

Laurie Hendricks: There is nothing like painting from life. I enjoy traveling and painting the landscapes, to try and capture the light on the...
watercolor painting of close shot of a cowboy on his horse, using his rope

Featured Artwork: Caitlin Leline-Hatch

Caitlin Leline-Hatch: Is best known for her impressionistic watercolor paintings. She’s able to capture the essence of her subject by using a wet-into-wet technique...

Featured Artwork: Catherine Hillis

Catherine Hillis: Busy Day At DCA: The interior of Reagan National Airport by Catherine Hillis, was the 3rd place winner overall in the December...

Featured Artwork: Chantel Lynn Barber

Chantel Lynn Barber: I have always favored a more impressionistic/Expressionistic style. I want my work to feel alive and life is about movement and...

Featured Artwork: Cynthia Inson

Cynthia Inson: It’s the mental “stretching” that I enjoy so much in creating my paintings. Fortunate to be represented and show my works at...

Featured Artwork: Carole Belliveau

Carole Belliveau: I am a Plein Air landscape painter as well as a figure painter. Balancing the two passions and styles has been a...
pastel painting of closeup of apple orchard tree

Featured Artwork: Jill Stefani Wagner

Jill Stefani Wagner: Whatever subject matter I paint, my primary focus is always the “light” and how it affects what I’m trying to capture....
oil painting of jumping off a cliff into a body of water

Featured Artwork: Naomi Tiry Salgado

Naomi Tiry Salgado: “Wonderment: The Industry of Youth” is a series of studio oil paintings about the intense curiosity and enjoyment of life that...
oil painting of woman looking at viewer, holding her long blonde hair; blue pattern background

Featured Artwork: Nanci France-Vaz

Nanci France-Vaz: Metamorphosis Solo Exhibition/Portraits Of Song Concert:“3/25 – 5/2/2024, artist Nanci France-Vaz, ARC Living Master, has 28 paintings on display honoring female artists...
oil painting of snow bank with waterfall flowing

Featured Artwork: Marcia Holmes

Marcia Holmes: Oil and pastel landscapes painted by Marcia Holmes are from plein air experiences in Estes Park, CO and Santa Fe, NM, coinciding...

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