Featured Artwork: Aida Garrity

Aida Garrity: Inspired by life and beauty. In these paintings of flowers and magical castles, Aida undertakes the challenge of crafting with color and...

Featured Artwork: Johanne Mangi

Johanne Mangi: According to Johanne every day that involves paint is a perfect day. Although she is passionate about painting animals, particularly dogs, she...

Featured Artwork: Heather Arenas

Heather Arenas: Central to Heather’s Museum Series is 'Dot,' a recurring motif paying homage to Heather Arenas' grandmothers who played a pivotal role in...

Featured Artwork: Peter Swift

Peter Swift: I am trying to convey the fragility of nature. A small clump of grass, dirt, roots and flowers floats alone in an...

Featured Artwork: Nina Cobb Walker

Nina Cobb Walker: Nina continues to paint the landscape looking for peace and tranquility in an effort to create a moment in time which...

Featured Artwork: Douglas Whittle

Douglas Whittle: Token Creek, a small stream passing through a sedge meadow in central Dane County, Wisconsin, gives its name to the county park...
abstract with cracks in the middle, going to the edges, infused with lots of cool hues and some warm toes poking through the middle and the edges

Featured Artwork: Laura Pollak

Laura Pollak: Laura Pollak’s works have gained global attention in Curated Shows, Museums, Private Collections and Publications worldwide. Her ability to create visual magic...
oil painting of desert landscape

Featured Artwork: Mark White

Mark White: My first memory of painting en plein air was when I was eighteen years old. Now, fifty-five years later, I still prefer...
oil painting of desert landscape; sun hitting mountains; foliage in the foreground

Featured Artwork: Susiehyer

Susiehyer: Susiehyer’s landscape paintings illustrate her deep love of the natural environment in general and the west in particular. Many of her works include...
oil painting of sun setting behind a mountain range with field of green in the foreground

Featured Artwork: Susan Hediger Matteson

Susan Hediger Matteson: “Ute Mountain Moonset” is inspired by a view from my house. “Reverence” came from a plein air study sitting in an...

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