“ Busy Day at DCA,” Catherine Hillis, watercolor, 21 x 14 in; available at the Transparent Watercolor Society Annual Exhibition at the Kenosha Museum, WI

Catherine Hillis: Busy Day At DCA: The interior of Reagan National Airport by Catherine Hillis, was the 3rd place winner overall in the December 2023 PleinAir Salon. Hillis is fascinated by the interplay of light and reflections and the beauty in an everyday scene that is often ignored.

Conversations In An Irish Bar: This painting will be featured in the “Interiors Exhibition” at Calloway Fine Art in Washington, DC from June 22 – July 20, 2024. Exploring light and reflections along with an excellent story all make for this rich watercolor painting.

Morning Hustle: This interior of National Airport in Washington, DC, was the Best Building winner in the November 2023 PleinAir Salon. The magnificent architecture and the play of light and reflections present rich subject matter for this artist.

To see more of Catherine’s work, visit:
Calloway Fine Art

watercolor painting of two people talking in a bar
“Conversations In An Irish Bar,” Catherine Hillis, watercolor, 19 x 13 in; available at Calloway Fine Art, Washington, DC
watercolor painting of unique bird's eye view of a busy location with people
“Morning Hustle,” Catherine Hillis, watercolor, 18 x 13 in; available through the artist