oil painting of gumball machine on a counter top with other candy

Featured Artwork: George A. Gonzalez

George A. Gonzalez: This painting has been part of several shows including the upcoming show at Arcadia Contemporary, NY, NY, “Five And Under”, Aug....

Featured Artwork: Barb Walker, AIS

Barb Walker: Catching Up was painted from an image I took while sitting on a beach in Maine in 2021, just as COVID restrictions...
acrylic painting of ropes in circle pattern with egg in the middle

Featured Artwork: Peter Swift

Peter Swift: My style is unique because it combines two distinct elements: classical realistic still-life painting and symmetrical design. I have coined the phrase...

Featured Artwork: Lori Putnam

Lori Putnam: From the colors of the southwest to the coast of England, Lori Putnam’s work captures their uniquely different landscape, place, and time....

Featured Artwork: William A. Schneider

William A. Schneider: OPAM is best known for his expressive work in two genres: depictions of the human face and form; abstracted cityscapes. William...
oil painting of women dancing

Featured Artwork: Jill Banks

Jill Banks: "Capturing Life in Oils – Plein Air and in the Studio. Join the adventure, add to your collection and subscribe to keep...
oil painting of cow portrait

Featured Artwork: Jenny Buckner

Jenny Buckner: I’ve always been fascinated and in love with animals. Their individual personalities and their wildly different forms make them so interesting. Trying...
oil portrait side painting of girl at the beach

Featured Artwork: Nanette Fluhr

To view Summer Wind, click here https://www.artsy.net/artwork/nanette-fluhr-summer-wind Nanette Fluhr: With over two decades of professional experience, Nanette Fluhr has created paintings that hang in public...
oil painting of artists' family walking along the beach

Featured Artwork: Nina Cobb Walker

Nina Cobb Walker: “Tranquility and peacefulness are strong themes throughout my paintings. I try to create and evoke moods which touch the soul that...
oil painting of sunset over pond

Featured Artwork: Jean Schwartz

Jean Schwartz: “I live in Virginia where the climate tends to have a lot of moisture. Summers are hot and humid; the vegetation is...

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