oil painting of mountain range with water in front
“Summer in the Valley,” David Marty, oil, 36 x4 8 in, available through West Lives On Gallery, Jackson, WY

David Marty: I am predominately a landscape painter but I love the diversity of not only painting landscapes, but also boats and architecture. Traveling has broadened my exposure and challenged me to paint places and subjects that are especially meaningful to me. Hopefully that comes across in my work. I was pleased to see a cityscape of downtown Seattle just took first place in oils at the Oldfield Art Show.

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oil painting of boat sitting in water
“Good Catch,” David Marty, oil, 20 x 20 in, available through the artist
oil painting of buildings
“Old Town Rovinj, Croatia,” David Marty, oil, 18 x 20 in, available through the artist