oil painting of equestrian walking their horse; walking towards the viewer
“Dusty Road,” Paola Luther, oil on board, 16 x 20 in., $600, Available through the artist

Paoloa Luther: This painting was inspired by the many memories I have from the barn and the equestrian world.

Paola Luther is a California Plein Air landscape painter with a love for seascapes. Her art reflects her deep love for the beauty of nature. She enjoys painting people particularly happy people enjoying a day at the beach or doing something enjoyable. Paola’s art studio is in Los Angeles.

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oil painting of people on beach; signs in front of viewer
“So Many Signs,” Paola Luther, oil, 36 x 38 in., $5,500


oil painting of people on beach watching a surfer in the background
“Surfrider beach 2”, Paola Luther, oil, 25 x 53 in., $3,200