Aida Garrity, “Yellow and Pink Roses,” oil, 8 x 10 in, $600; available through artist

Aida Garrity: Inspired by life and beauty. In these paintings of flowers and magical castles, Aida undertakes the challenge of crafting with color and brush strokes a composition that captures her emotions and the way she sees her world. She earned an MFA from San Francisco Academy of Art University in 2010 and exhibits her work in national and international exhibitions.
Her paintings have been selected to exhibit at the Butler Museum of Art, Columbus Museum of Arts, The Haggins Museum, The National Arts Museum of Sports, Indiana Museum of Arts, The Players Club, New York, and The Salmagundi Arts Club, New York.

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oil painting of a castle in the distance
Aida Garrity, “Glamis Castle – Scotland,” oil, 12 x 16 in., $750; available through artist
oil painting of a closeup of flowers
Aida Garrity, “Peonies,” oil, 10 x 12 in., $600; available through artist