Alan Fetterman playing guitar in studio

Artist Spotlight: Alan Fetterman

For Alan Fetterman, being an artist is simply showing what you think and feel, but as a whole, art becomes a reflection of us all and inspiration to create abounds in all aspects of life.
Jenny Buckner in studio with painting

Artist Spotlight: Jenny Buckner

Being an artist encompasses all of Jenny Buckner's passions: photography, working with my hands, nature, the outdoors, color, design, and light.
Jon deMartin draws in Venice’s Piazza San Marco.

Inspired by Venetian Masters

Learn about an artist who has spent much time in Venice drawing, painting, and studying the methods of the many historical Venetian masters who have long inspired him.
Female artist on ladder in front of her paintings

Artist Spotlight: Beth Clary Schwier

Although she is known for her amazing floral pieces, Beth likes to paint unusual subjects from everyday life that evoke nostalgia and fond memories.
Female artist in front of one of her oil paintings

Artist Spotlight: Karen Ann Hitt

Hughes Gallery in Boca Grande, Florida — beginning its 22nd season — is hosting Hitt’s solo exhibit that opens February 15, 2022.
Portrait Paintings: Finding What's Noble in Others

Portrait Paintings: Finding What’s Noble in Others

Duffy Sheridan on his portrait paintings, his Bahá’í faith, and more.
Male sculptor sitting next to a life size sculpture of a man in a suit

Artist Spotlight: Gary Alsum

Most of Alsum’s work in the past couple of decades has been in collaboration with individual collectors or municipal entities along with the National Sculptors’ Guild (NSG).
Landscape paintings - Mary Pettis

More Than Technique

"All I know is that when I paint a scene close to my heart, from life, something deep inside me resonates, and I am able to recall and expand on that memory more profoundly in the studio.”
Western art by Charles M. Russell

The Life of Charles M. Russell

"Back-Tracking in Memory" by Nancy Cooper Russell tells the story of the endearing, gifted cowboy artist, Charles M. Russell.
Woman artist in front of her painting

Artist Spotlight: Marcia Holmes

Often painting larger scale impressionist landscape paintings in oil or mixed media on canvas, Marcia Holmes’ desired response for a viewer is to find a resting place of ‘grace in space.’

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