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Artist and Collector Profiles

James Gurney art

Windows to a Forgotten World

Although it’s been many thousands - if not millions – of years since ancient civilizations and some extinct animal species flourished, their legacies continue to fascinate and live on through the creative vision of artist James Gurney. Welcome to Dinotopia and other lost worlds.
Oil painting of nature with shadows

Nature and Experience: Paintings by William Nichols

It took William Nichols some time to develop a visual vocabulary that accurately expressed what he saw and experienced emotionally in nature. However, once discovered, the creativity — and paint — flowed in ways that continue to enthrall viewers and collectors.

Finding Faith in Nature: Narrative Oil Paintings

To understand Terry Rowlett’s paintings is to take a glimpse into his captivating life journey from evangelical roots in Arkansas to hipster-bohemian Athens, Georgia.
Plein Air Salon paintings - Richard Boyer

The Challenge and Joy of Painting San Francisco

Congratulations to Richard Boyer, whose cityscape oil painting, "Last Light" won First Place in the June 2020 Plein Air Salon. We asked him to tell us about his winning work in this exclusive feature.
Oil painting of children

Change of Perspective

Artist and gallery owner Colin Page reflects on how, and why, his art has changed over the years, and his turning point to make more meaningful paintings.
Female artist standing next to her painting on an easel.

Artist Spotlight: Kim VanDerHoek

Kim DerHoek has an approach to painting that keeps her work looking fresh while preventing her from becoming bored and too set in her ways.
Patti Mollica, "Crossing Madison"

Transitioning from Commercial Art to Fine Art

Having a foot in two careers such as illustration and fine art — really, anything and fine art — is not easy...

One to Watch: Tanya Atanasova

If you haven’t heard of artist Tanya Atanasova, it might be time.
Narrative oil paintings

Bittersweet Paintings of Love and Loss

Although her stylistic and philosophical approaches make it logical to compare her with the Perceptual Painters — a group of contemporary artists who challenge the assumptions of the visual world and who focus on space, volume, color, and shapes — Santiago’s paintings are simultaneously individualistic, with a strong female viewpoint all her own.
Pastel floral painting by Vera Kavura

Catching Color Nuances – in Pastel

This Ukraine-based artist, who is on the faculty of Pastel Live, has an approach that begins with ...

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