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Artist and Collector Profiles

James Gurney art

Windows to a Forgotten World

Although it’s been many thousands - if not millions – of years since ancient civilizations and some extinct animal species flourished, their legacies continue to fascinate and live on through the creative vision of artist James Gurney. Welcome to Dinotopia and other lost worlds.
Oil painting of nature with shadows

Nature and Experience: Paintings by William Nichols

It took William Nichols some time to develop a visual vocabulary that accurately expressed what he saw and experienced emotionally in nature. However, once discovered, the creativity — and paint — flowed in ways that continue to enthrall viewers and collectors.
Contemporary figurative art - Luke Hillestad - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Figurative Art: Staying in Touch with Tradition

This artist draws heavily upon some of history’s greatest painters to create canvases that vibrate with life and give voice to the primal beauty of humankind.
Representational art - Oil paintings by Chula Beauregard

6 Representational Paintings by Chula Beauregard

Painter and former Peace Corps volunteer Chula Beauregard shares six of her paintings and her inspiration for each.
Contemporary landscape paintings - Marcia Burtt, "Ruffled Water, High Tide" painting

Why I Use Acrylic For My Paintings of Land and Water

Starting college at the University of Chicago, Marcia Burtt graduated from UC Berkeley and earned an MA in art from the University of Montana. Fine Art Today had the opportunity to ask Burtt about her style of landscape paintings and her chosen medium, which is ...

Today’s Master Artists: A City-Based Landscape Painter

Though not a familiar name in the often sensation-seeking world of contemporary art, this artist is no recluse, instead serving as professor of fine art at ...
Landscape paintings - Mary Pettis

More Than Technique

"All I know is that when I paint a scene close to my heart, from life, something deep inside me resonates, and I am able to recall and expand on that memory more profoundly in the studio.”
PleinAir Salon landscape painting

The “Beauty Mark” That Got Our Attention

"Beauty Mark," an oil landscape painting by Seth Tummins, won Third Place Overall in the April 2022 PleinAir Salon. Here, Seth shares his inspiration, techniques, and more.
Contemporary still life painting - Nancy Depew - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Insight, Revelation, and Discovery

Often it is a pure and humble approach to the blank canvas that leads to aesthetic success. When artists divert from the formulaic and allow creativity to flow organically, the untainted core of art often emerges: to express that which words cannot.
Contemporary oil paintings

Artist to Watch: Cindy Rizza

Her multi-step approach allows Rizza to create a detailed representation carrying all of the multi-layered dimension and symbolism she seeks.

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