artist johanne mangi smiling with her artwork, in studio

Artist Spotlight: Johanne Mangi

Once I found subject matter that excited me, I never needed to worry about finding inspiration.
Artist Richard Boyer at work in Salt Lake City

Artist Spotlight: Richard Boyer

You begin to treat it as a 9 to 5 job, getting up every morning and putting in the hours painting.
Paintings of musicians

The Grandeur of Having a Cellist Art Model

When it comes to subjects for his portraits and figures, this artist finds interest in a variety of people, in particular other creatives.
oil painting of boat stuck at low tide

Artist Spotlight: Beverly Evans

I am so blessed to continue to grow and explore this gift of art, this passion to create and be able to make a living doing what I love.
Figurative art - David Park paintings

“My God, What Happened to David?”

A look at the dramatic shift of an abstract painter who later became one of the founders and most prolific practitioners of the Bay Area Figurative Art Movement.
Angela sculpting Whirlwind, 48”h x 41”w x 21”d, Bronze, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Angela Mia De la Vega

What is the most interesting thing you have painted/sculpted and why? Angela Mia De la Vega: Some years ago, I was going through a very...

Artist Spotlight: Carolyn Lindsey

Family Farm can be seen at the Oil Painters of America National Show in Steamboat Springs. What is the best thing about being an artist? When...
Traditional art - John Brosio, "Night Hunt," 27 x 36 inches, Oil on linen

Art, Tradition, and Telescopes

Have we come to the point where no one can make a great representational painting ...

Artist Spotlight: Jean K. Schwartz

How do you find inspiration? Jean K. Schwartz: I am inspired by light and atmospheric effects in nature as well as in urban scenes. I...

Artist to Watch: Lucas Bononi

This LA-born and NYC-based artist has been creating art full-time since 2014, a pursuit that entailed several sacrifices to make his dream a reality.

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