Inspiring art studios - Garin Baker

Inspiring Art Studios: A Tour with Garin Baker

Photo Essay: Garin Baker’s space is unique in that he and his wife, Clara, have been restoring their 4500 square-foot property by converting the attached carriage house into the perfect artist haven.
Landscape oil paintings - Walt Gonske

Artist Walt Gonske Looks Back

"My best work comes when I’m able to give up control ... Then the painting takes on a life of its own.”
Creating Art - John Wentz, Untitled, 13 x 17 inches, Oil on canvas

How Creating Art is More Than “Process”

"How do they do that?" Enjoy a behind-the-scenes look into how the process of creating art, including the "unfinished" pieces, becomes the finished work.
Acrylic self-portrait of a woman artist.

Artist Spotlight: Chantel Barber

"Everywhere I go I am inspired by people around me. When I went to the Grand Canyon, I was more interested in the people than the view. I can’t help it."
Representational oil paintings

Visionary Work and Necessary Disasters

As an artist, one does not need to sacrifice his or her personal expression for the sake of learning the principles.
Realism art - portrait study of Carmen Dell’Orefice

Graydon Parrish: Meeting the Muse

When his muse, Carmen Dell’Orefice arrived, she said, ‘I know what you’re going to ask me and my answer is yes.’”
Woman artist in front of one of her paintings

Artist Spotlight: Beverly Ford Evans

With her deliberate brushwork and attention to the scene, Beverly captures the essence of the landscape and wildlife beautifully and artfully.
Woman artist in her studio

Artist Spotlight: Paula B. Holtzclaw

"The best thing about being an artist is truly being able to recognize, being aware of, and taking in the beauty that surrounds us. I believe artists have the gift of being present in the moment; we have to be in order to absorb and then portray."
Western art by Thomas Blackshear

Divinely Inspired: Western Art by Thomas Blackshear

Blackshear’s “Western Nouveau” paintings have captured the imagination of Western art connoisseurs, who always have a sharp eye for a rising star.

Today’s Master Artists: A City-Based Landscape Painter

Though not a familiar name in the often sensation-seeking world of contemporary art, this artist is no recluse, instead serving as professor of fine art at ...

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