Contemporary landscape paintings - Marcia Burtt, "Ruffled Water, High Tide" painting

Why I Use Acrylic For My Paintings of Land and Water

Starting college at the University of Chicago, Marcia Burtt graduated from UC Berkeley and earned an MA in art from the University of Montana. Fine Art Today had the opportunity to ask Burtt about her style of landscape paintings and her chosen medium, which is ...
Contemporary realism portrait painting

Influenced by Culture: Oil Portraits by Pavel Sokov

In his studio, Sokov is eager to express through paint the stories of the distinctive characters he encounters during his travels abroad.
Contemporary realism painting of a girl with rabbit

Tanya Atanasova: On Becoming a Portrait Painter

Bulgarian-born figurative painter Tanya Atanasova shares how extremely emotional, intense moments, and strained relationships have informed her art. "Back in the day, surviving was a real thing," she says. "Having the skill for 'guessing the person' and knowing who to trust was often your only weapon in life. So, there is no wonder I primarily paint people and portraits."
Nick Patten, “Floating,” oil on canvas, 30x40 inches, $12,000

How Process Feeds Inspiration: Paintings by Nick Patten

Fine Art Today had the luxury of sitting down with amazing painter Nick Patten, who offered some engaging thoughts about his process, inspiration, and more. So impactful were they that we’ve decided to quote him in full.
Still life oil paintings - Larry Preston -

Artist to Watch: Larry Preston

Preston spent his teen years developing as a musician and as a budding artist studying Flemish still life paintings. See a selection of his oil paintings here.
Still life oil painting

When Time Stands Still: Paintings by Cynthia Rosen

In 2020, Cynthia Rosen found time to experiment with her colorful abstractions of the landscape, and moved toward something many of us can relate to from the year: the still life. Here's how and why her art has changed, and the relevance of a common, but unexpected, shape in her paintings.
Multiple figures in a realism painting

Max Ginsburg Tackles Social Realism and Modernism

Max Ginsburg is a painter with a conscience, using traditional realism and exquisite technique to explore his feelings about the human condition. Unafraid to paint the provocative and controversial social issues of our times, Ginsburg is helping bring representational painting into the contemporary age — a venture that began some 70 years ago.
Artist Spotlight: Dustin Van Wechel

Artist Spotlight: Dustin Van Wechel

For wildlife artist Dustin Van Wechel, success is two-fold. If he can answer yes to two questions, he feels he has achieved success as an artist.
Guillermo Lorca artist

Narrative Paintings: Guillermo Lorca’s Painted Operas

A curious collection of characters are present Lorca’s painted operas depicting the darker sides of human psychology. Read about his narrative paintings, his time with Odd Nerdrum, his inspiration, and more in this interview.
Oil portrait painting of a woman

One to Watch: Contemporary Artist Kathryn Engberg

To make the portrait painting process as informed as possible, the artist spends significant time getting to know her subjects both personally and structurally, and each portrait takes between 20 and 30 hours to complete.

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