James Gurney art

Windows to a Forgotten World

Although it’s been many thousands - if not millions – of years since ancient civilizations and some extinct animal species flourished, their legacies continue to fascinate and live on through the creative vision of artist James Gurney. Welcome to Dinotopia and other lost worlds.
How to paint from a reference photo

How This Artist Gives Life to Cityscapes

Pastel artist Nancie King Mertz works from photo references and from life en plein air. Known for her cityscapes of Chicago, here she explains how she takes a dull reference photo and creates from it a lively scene.
Bob White art - nature paintings

Answering the Call: Nature Paintings by Bob White

Painters paint what they know, love, and understand, which for many means the infinite sources of inspiration found in nature. Deeply moved by his life experiences “running amok” in the rural Midwest, this artist has found his own creative way to answer the call of the wild.

From Mr. Hop to Master

Because of our intimate familiarity with it, the human body in art has a unique ability to communicate an infinite variety of emotions, ideas, concepts, and stories, which is why Martin Eichinger prefers to be called a narrative artist rather than a figurative sculptor. What story will you find?

Realism That is Deceptively Simple

"I find meaning in the play of light against time-worn materials and feel kinship with the gritty violence of shattered surfaces," says Wayne Dodson.
Figurative art sculpture

Casting Her Voice: Figurative Art Sculptures

Part of what makes figurative art so magnetic is its expressive potential. This great sculptor shows us one way how.
Western art oil paintings

Chasing Light, Capturing Beauty: Oil Paintings by Morgan Weistling

Since he was a child, artist Morgan Weistling has constantly seen beauty and design in the world. Intensely studying art by 12 and painting movie posters for top agencies by 19, Weistling has been chasing beauty his entire career, and he continually captures it with luminous results.
Figurative art - Marsha Massih - FineArtConnoisseur.com

Spotlight on Figurative Artist Marsha Massih

A student of classical painter Frank Mason, Massih tells us what continues to inspire her own works.
Western art oil paintings

A Western Connection

Intent and methodical, this artist approaches the canvas — or panel — with purpose, imparting in paint his love for Montana and all things Western.

On Imagining: An Oil Painting by Cynthia Feustel

Discover the inspiring moment behind this award-winning painting, and see more works by the artist here.

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