artist with painting of Hollyhock
Cynthia with Hollyhock

How did you get started and then develop your career?
Cynthia Inson: I returned to painting when Covid shut everything down. I painted to remain sane and keep my mind focused on something positive and challenging.

What is the most interesting thing that you have painted and why?
Cynthia Inson: The most interesting thing/scene that I have painted was a plein air piece of the Rio Chama. I painted with a friend at a very steep and tight shoulder of the highway.

To see more of Cynthia’s work, visit:

oil painting of landscape with dirt road, and bushes and trees surrounding it
Cynthia Inson, “Chamisa Arroyo,” oil, 12 x 9 in; available through artist
gouache painting of desert landscape with hills and dirt round, surrounded by bushes
Cynthia Inson, “Rio Chama,” gouache, 12 x 6 in; available through artist


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