Visitors to Sirona Fine Art in Hallandale Beach, Florida, will experience a diverse range of artworks from many talented artists on the gallery’s roster.
Excellent works from such names as Steven Skollar, Michele Harvey, Omalix, and Andrew Smenos will feature in the Summer Exhibition at Sirona Fine Art. Collectors will be pleased to learn that many of the artists exhibiting were shown during the past year, giving collectors an opportunity to evaluate what they may have missed earlier.

Omalix, “Cornucopia Diptych,” Sirona Fine Art.

The talented roster of artists presents both classic academic and traditional techniques with an awareness of their modern context. Omalix’s “Still” and “Cornucopia Diptych” are entrancing in their mysterious, melancholy tone. “Still” is a tightly cropped image of a female subject in water. Her expression is one of relaxation and tension, leaving the viewer feeling both calm and unsettled. Omalix’s awareness of the play of light in the ripples of water is masterful.
Other artists on view during the Summer Exhibition include Carol Carter, Hollis Dunlap, Clinton Hobart, Joseph Lorusso, Jean-Paul Mallozzi, Scott Redden, John Sanchez, Holly Sears, Victoria Selbach, Sharon Sprung, Brian Stephens, Voka, Gary Weisman, Wesley Wofford, and Treacy Ziegler.
To learn more, visit Sirona Fine Art.
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