The oldest fine art gallery in Colorado is showcasing nearly 40 artists in its current “Summer Exhibition.”
For collectors and art admirers who love an exhibition that offers an eclectic variety of style, medium, and aesthetic, Saks Gallery in Denver, Colorado, is the place to be. Sara Noel will feature the most abstract of work; her large brushstrokes, blending of blues, oranges, and reds, and rhythmic surface make “Right Brain Peonies” pulsate with expressive energy. This abstract work features along with G. Russell Case, who “offers us the plain and simple truth of the west, warm tones, high canyon walls, jagged mountain ranges inhabited by a lonesome cowboy or a Navajo family traversing the harsh yet beautiful high desert landscape.”

Sara Noel, “Right Brain Peonies,” Mixed media on canvas, 40 x 40 in. Saks Gallery

The sculptures of Wayne Salge will be on display as well. Salge’s “Lookout” is a piercing image of a perched owl — its features sharpened and boiled down to simple planes, geometric shapes, and patterns.

Wayne Salge, “Lookout,” bronze edition of 6, 33 x 37 x 14 in. Saks Gallery

The stunning figurative paintings by Mary Qian are absolutely magnetic. Featured is “Pink,” which displays a reclining female nude facing away. She rests in a sea of pinks, whites, browns, and oranges that have been quickly and expressively laid on the canvas. The accurately rendered figure appears to float effortlessly, and her soft, more purposeful treatment contrasts sharply with the abstract space that surrounds her.
“The Summertime Exhibition” opened on June 11 and will be on view through August 22.
To learn more, visit Saks Gallery.  
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