Much more than just an art show, Maynard Dixon Country is an assembly of artists, collectors, community, and friends.
Celebrating its 17th year is the Maynard Dixon Country art show and sale, a fundraising event aimed at supporting the Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts in Mt. Carmel, Utah. Via their website: “We want to help artists in America and we want to ensure the viability of historic preservation. We are deeply connected to the art of Maynard Dixon and his contributions to American art. But rather than focusing solely on the beloved paintings of Maynard Dixon, we focus on the ‘art spirit’ and intention of Maynard Dixon, the artist, poet, and whole person. In choosing to remember Dixon this way, we believe his legacy becomes even more meaningful when it is illuminated by the artists who are living and making art in 2015.”

John Budicin, “Wednesday Afternoon,” oil on canvas, 18 x 24 in. (c) John Budicin 2015

Some of the featured names in the sale include, among many others, Christopher Blossom, John Budicin, Jill Carver, Jeremy Lipking, Chris Morel, Charles Muench, Ray Roberts, Kate Starling, Kathryn Stats, and Dan Young

Bonnie Posselli, “Bathed in Hidden Splendor,” oil, 14 x 18 in. (c) Bonnie Posselli

Kathryn Stats, “Paria River,” oil on linen panel, 18 x 23 in. (c) Kathryn Stats 2015

Tickets are $75 and grant admission to all events. Maynard Dixon Country begins on Friday, August 21.
Friday: 5 p.m. art preview at the Thunderbird Foundation Gallery
Saturday: 10 a.m. Wet Paintings Sale at the Dixon Studio
2 p.m. Symposium and musical performance featuring Hal Cannon at Valley High School, Orderville. Cocktail reception to follow, with Artists Awards Ceremony.
To learn more, visit Maynard Dixon Country.
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