Only days remain to view a tantalizing exhibition featuring selected works from the founding members of the Denver Artists Guild.
In conjunction with the release of The Denver Artists Guild: Its Founding Members, David Cook Galleries in Denver, Colorado, is offering viewings of 52 original works by some of the organization’s founding members. Considered one of Colorado’s best-kept cultural secrets, the Denver Artists Guild was established in 1928 but split amid controversy in 1948. Among the notable names in the Guild: Clara Dieman, Nena de Brennecke, Arnold Ronnebeck, John Thompson, Allen True, Enrico Licari, Louise Ronnebeck, Gladys Caldwell Fisher, Anne Van Briggle Ritter, and Paul St. Gaudens.  

Vance Kirkland, “Untitled,” 1937, watercolor, 19 x 27 in. (c) David Cook Galleries 2015

Among the included works is Vance Kirkland’s “Untitled” watercolor from 1937, which depicts Old Faithful at Yellowstone Park in Wyoming. Sharp, well-defined forms characterize the picture, with plumes of steam and water echoed in the tall rock formation in the foreground. Sprinkled throughout the picture are awestruck viewers of the natural phenomena as a pathway weaves around the stones and geysers.
Also noteworthy is Moritz F. Krieg’s “Untitled,” a painting undoubtedly inspired by the Cubist movement. Two figures stand at center with religious totems in their hands. Their forms have been reduced to their geometric essentials, with flat, sharp lines and planes jaggedly defining their shapes. The palette of the piece is lovely, with soft primaries patterned throughout.
“Denver Artists Guild” opened on July 1 and will be on view through Wednesday, September 30.
To learn more, visit David Cook Galleries.
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