“Early Snow”
Soft Pastel
8 x 10 in.

About the artist:
Terry Irwin is a Colorado artist who paints in both soft pastels and oils.  Her current work celebrates “the road less traveled”, painting landscapes and wildlife within the American West and Southwest.
After graduating from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Fine Art, she designed, built and painted what she coined her ‘environmental’ room screens which were feature in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart and the Washington Design Center, in D.C.  After moving to Colorado, she turned to focus on Fine Art, painting in pastels and oils.  “I am drawn to the magic of light and shadow and to objects that offer a unique vantage point.”  It is that strength of image that compels her interest in each painting.
She admits to an on-going love affair with the West with its wide open spaces, panoramic mountain ranges and diverse wildlife.  Her current excursions into wilderness areas are spent sketching, plein air painting and forming concepts for paintings that will present a completely unique point-of-view or perspective.
“I am drawn to the qualities of light on form and the way the spectrums of light alter and ultimately define a subject.  I try to convey the mood or feeling of a subject in a way that the viewer might not have the opportunity to experience for themselves.” 
Irwin has won numerous awards including the “Best in Show” at the Mile High International Pastel Exhibition in Denver, in 2015.  Her work can be seen at ElkHorn Gallery in Winter Park, Colorado and at Michael’s Fine Art Gallery on Main, in Canon City, Colorado.
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