If you haven’t already seen the incredible exhibition of four Georgian artists at East West Fine Art in Naples, Florida, book it now before it closes.
Mesmerizing, fantastic, and incredible are all appropriate words for a group exhibition at East West Fine Art in Naples, Florida. The exhibition, titled “Legends of Tbilisi,” showcases the works of four artists hailing from the Republic of Georgia. Only days remain for a show that was on view for just two weeks. The exhibition will be on view through Sunday.

Mamuka Didebashvili, “The Mathematician,” oil on canvas, 41 x 25 in. (c) East West Fine Art 2016

Included in the show are Maia Ramishvili, Mamuka Didebashvili, Merab Gagiladze, and Nodar Khokhobashvili. Each artist is exquisitely skilled and displays an individualistic talent and style. Ramishvili’s portraits are richly patterned and colored. Although slightly flattened in appearance, there exists a wonderful juxtaposition between the three-dimensional forms of her figures and the lushly composed backgrounds.

Merab Gagiladze, “Orchestra,” oil and gold leaf on canvas, 32 x 40 in. (c) East West Fine Art 2016

Also noteworthy are Didebashvili’s portraits, which recall early Renaissance portraiture in their precise depiction of every curve and feature of the human face. The gallery suggests that the portrait’s “incredibly realistic features, translucent skin, and eyes look right into your heart.”

Nodar Khokhobashvili, “Amelia Arch Umbria,” oil on board, 21 x 19 in. (c) East West Fine Art 2016

To learn more, visit East West Fine Art.
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