Amazing talent with the brush and fascinating narratives combine for a visionary exhibition in New York. Fans of the conversation piece should take note.
Sag Harbor’s RJD Gallery specializes in contemporary art with a focus on narrative and imaginative realism. Each of these elements comes to the fore in “Prized Possessions,” a tantalizing exhibition opening on January 9 that showcases the aforementioned and more.  
Featuring Andrea Kowch, Frank Oriti, Margo Selski, Adrienne Stein, Pamela Wilson, and Andrei Zadorine, the exhibition seeks to “discover the objects that intrigue and help to create narratives for these artists,” the gallery suggests. Indeed, collectors with a preference for Old Master techniques with fresh contemporary perspectives will want to consider a visit. “The Daughter of Atlantis Series” by Margo Selski is an excellent example of the show’s overall display of deep narrative and outstanding skill.

Andrea Kowch, “Lightkeepers,” archival print, 39 x 46.5 in. (c) RJD Gallery 2016

The series of pictures revolves around “a fictitious society that has decided that for generations their purpose is to plant gardens at the bottom of the sea,” the artist writes. “My paintings stand on their own while examining the Victorian drive to conquer, capture, control and embalm reality and nature. The mission of the society is to plant gardens in the ocean no matter how dangerous it may be. In other words, they are determined to bring order to what is untamed and wild.  I use this elite society for young Victorian women (The Daughters of Atlantis) to view 21st century concerns through a mirror at a distance.”

Yana Movchan, “Naturel Jewellery,” 2015, oil on canvas, 28 x 22 in. (c) RJD Gallery 2016

The imaginative narratives explored by each artist in “Prized Possessions” are sure to invoke a variety of stimulating conversations — whether they are seen at RJD Gallery or in one’s living room.
“Prized Possessions” opens on January 9 and will be on view through February 7. To learn more, visit RJD Gallery.
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