The intersection between art and music is well-documented. Indeed, when one influences the other, there are often remarkable results. The influence of music on painting is a topic explored by a number of contemporary artists during a current exhibition in New York.
Open now through February 14 at the Haven Gallery in Northport, New York, “Music Box” is an innovative exhibition that invited a number of artists to produce works inspired by music, in some cases specific songs or albums.

Jel Ena, “Child Bride,” graphite, acrylic washes on paper, 16 x 20 in. (c) Haven Gallery 2016

The gallery reports, “The art of music has spanned centuries and served a number of purposes throughout time. The power of music can be both a unifying force as well as one of individual solace. In other cases, it can also be one of discord or even anguish. The ability for expression through sound has proven to serve a variety of purposes; inspiration, comfort, pain and bringing people together. In ‘Music Box,’ artists look to a lyric, song title, band name, etc., to influence them for the creation of their artworks. The intertwining of music with the artist’s medium will be contemplated and embraced. The creative expression of music and how it relates to the artist’s technique, medium, mentality and/or subject on an emotional and physical level will be considered.”

Thomas Dodd, “Expecting to Fly,” photo encaustic painting on wood, 30 x 20 in. (c) Haven Gallery 2016

Featured artists include, among others, Janet Cook, Michael C. Hayes, Matt Dangler, Meredith Marsone, Jana Brike, Travis Lewis, Thomas Dodd, Josie Morway, Nicolaus Ferry, and Mandy Cao.
To learn more, visit the Haven Gallery.
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