Since 2014, a group of six women have made it their mission to capture the majesty and beauty of the American landscape. Traveling together all over the country to paint, the PAC6 Painters are subjects of a tantalizing exhibition in California. Where?
Only two weeks remain to catch a view of “Double Take,” a magnetic group exhibition at Hillside Fine Art in Claremont, California, that features work from The PAC6 Painters.

The PAC6 at the gorgeous Canyon De Chelly in Arizona (c) PAC6 2016

Debra Holladay, “Afternoon Sycamore,” oil, 14 x 11 in. (c) PAC6 2016

Hailing from Southern California, the PAC6 Painters formed in 2014 “through their love of representational painting,” the group suggests. “Their friendship has led to mutual challenge, adventure, and inspiration in their art. The Painters include Linda Brown, Marian Fortunati, Nita Harper, Debra Holladay, Laura Wambsgans, and Sharon Weaver. PAC6 has traveled to many different locations, each time with the intention of creating a themed body of work, including both studio and plein air paintings, each presenting her own artistic insight and unique painting style.”

Marian Fortunati, “Sequit,” oil, 12 x 12 in. (c) PAC6 2016

Linda Brown, “Autumn Brush Dusk,” oil, 11 x 14 in. (c) PAC6 2016

“Double Take” — on view through February 27 — is an outstanding example of the group’s cohesion and talent. As the group describes, “One painting might focus our attention on the intense light of afternoon, while the next may accentuate the shadows which darken the same scene late in the day. Or an artist might choose to focus our attention on the colors of spring and the changes in the same scene during fall. The changes might be subtle; hence the viewer does a ‘double take.’”

Nita Harper, “Harvest Time Vines,” oil, (c) PAC6 2016

Sharon Weaver, “Hollywood Sunset,” oil, (c) PAC6 2016

To be sure, whether it’s the subtle changes of light, color, or simply pristine beauty, audiences will need multiple looks to fully appreciate the PAC6 achievement. What’s more, the group is planning another exhibition in 2017, at the Santa Paula Art Museum, titled “Between Heaven and Earth.” This show will feature works from the group’s most recent travels “by horse and mule deep into the High Sierra,” as they describe, “braving steep, narrow trails, bear encounters, and smoke from raging forest fires.” The story sounds absolutely tantalizing and many are waiting eagerly to view the accompanying paintings.
To learn more, visit Hillside Fine Art.
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