Tory Folliard Gallery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, recently opened a group exhibition of two supremely talented painters. Who and what can you expect?
The stunning details and beauty of nature — both big and small — come to the fore during “Old Souls,” a group exhibition of Wisconsin painters Katie Musolff and Andy Fletcher. The show, which opened on February 13 at Milwaukee’s Tory Folliard Gallery, is the debut exhibition for both artists at the gallery.
Musolff’s watercolor and gouache paintings, part of a series entitled “River Journal,” read like a biologist’s field studies. Against a stark white background, Musolff harnesses the beautiful plants and animals she finds along the Mississippi River and arranges them in an even and organized fashion. With an astute and keen observational eye, Musolff meticulously records the objects with watercolor and gouache, achieving remarkable detail. As the gallery suggests, the works “concentrate on the beauty and grace of her surroundings while embracing the remains of the organic world.”

Katie Musolff, “My Spring Collection,” watercolor on paper, 31 x 23 in. (c) Tory Folliard Gallery 2016

In contrast to Musolff’s detailed renderings are the expansive landscapes by Andy Fletcher. Working in oil, Fletcher composes his landscapes to “explore man’s changing relationship with the land,” as the gallery writes. “His paintings evoke feelings of nostalgia as they celebrate the family farm and an older, more sustainable way of farming.”
“Old Souls: Katie Musolff and Andy Fletcher” opened on February 13 and will hang through March 12. To learn more, visit Tory Folliard Gallery.
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