For six years running, InSight Gallery has hosted an outstanding group show and sale featuring works from the best artists living and working in Texas. When do the 2016 festivities kick off? Find out here.
Mark your calendars for March 4 in Fredericksburg, Texas. The “Sixth Annual Texas Masters Show” will feature both new and older works from many of the best Western artists. Organized and hosted by InSight Gallery, the show and sale is one of the gallery’s most popular annual events. Visitors can “expect over 40 new works from Gallery Artists Roy Andersen, Mary Ross Buchholz, Nancy Bush, Jill Carver, Cheri Christensen, Douglas Clark, Teresa Elliott, Jim Eppler, Bruce Greene, George Hallmark, Francois Koch, Mark Haworth, D. LaRue Mahlke, George Northup, Kay Northup, Robert Pummill, Gladys RoldandeMoras, Ann Kraft Walker and guest artist Kyle Ma” says the gallery.

Ann Kraft Walker, “The Little Visitor,” oil, 20 x 30 in. (c) InSight Gallery 2016

A comprehensive list of artworks available can be found at InSight Gallery.
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