Working within the tradition of Romantic Realism, painter Simon Andrew displays his proficiency in color relationships, compositional structures, and the physicality of paint during a magnetic solo exhibition in Canada. Which gallery is proud to play host?
Painter Simon Andrew delves into a wide range of contemporary cultural issues in his work, such as displacement, memory, and geography. Many of these themes come to the fore during his latest solo exhibition, “Interior and Exterior Domains” at Mira Goddard Gallery in Toronto, Ontario. Opening March 5 and on view through March 26, the show will juxtapose the artist’s vision and themes through — as its title suggests — interior and exterior spaces.

Simon Andrew, “Monet Reconstruction — The Crow,” 2015, oil on board, 12 x 15 in. (c) Mira Goddard Gallery 2016

Of his work, Andrew says, “My paintings succumb to a distilling process. Supported by expressive and varied handling, they are often charged with a remembrance of an event or a place that in retrospect seems more relevant. In effect, they are a visual conversation with time and place, but after the fact, in an attempt to find a space in which they can simply exist as new and valid experiences.”
To learn more, visit Mira Goddard Gallery.
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