There’s a reason the coasts are calming, tranquil spaces for so many — namely the soft crashes of waves, distant squawks of seagulls, and a slight scent of salt in the air. Pamela Wamala invites you to enjoy the peace of the sea during her latest solo exhibition. Which museum is playing host?
Artist Pamela Wamala began painting at the age of 5 with her grandfather, an experience that undoubtedly bonded the two and inspired her to take it further. Today, Wamala’s pictures are noted for their soft pastel colors, feathery brushwork, and soothing subjects. The newest works are part of the painter’s latest solo exhibition at The Whistler House Museum of Art in Massachusetts.
“Peace of the Sea: Pamela Wamala” is a gorgeous show that showcases Wamala’s love of the sea. She does a remarkable job of capturing the inner harmony people often feel walking along a shoreline or wiggling their toes in the sand. The exhibition is on view from March 16 through April 29.
To learn more, visit The Whistler House Museum of Art.
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