Works by Russian artist Victor Koulbak are currently embellishing the walls of this outstanding New York City Gallery. Watch as his works magically evaporate from the page while retaining their solidity.
Featuring a number of still lifes, animal studies, and portraits, Didier Aaron in New York City is overjoyed to be presenting recent works from Russian artist Victor Koulbak. Inspired by the techniques and focus of Old Masters, Koulbak works in the extremely challenging medium of silverpoint — an engraving method using a prepared page and a stylus of pure silver. With little room for error, Koulbak prefers natural subjects, including wildlife and plants that appear smoky and hazy on the page.

Victor Koulbak, “Iris No. 1,” 2015, silverpoint and watercolor, 12 1/2 x 10 in. (c) Didier Aaron 2016

Marilyn Laufer, director of the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art at Auburn University, says of the works in her essay for the exhibition catalogue: “they seem in the process of evaporating off the page: those enhanced with a wash of watercolor magically solidify.” Continuing, the gallery writes, “Koulbak continues the traditional method of preparing the paper by creating a ground, instead of following many of his contemporaries with the use of gesso, gouache, or commercially manufactured clay-coated paper. However, upon closer inspection, his works remain undeniably modern despite the traditional methods. His studies of animals reveal a hauntingly self-aware presence; they look out at the viewer as if acknowledging their condition as works of art. His portraits are self-assured and manifest a modern self-possession. These works are undeniably strong, straddling the classic appeal of old master works on paper with a contemporary sensibility.”
To learn more, visit Didier Aaron.
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