Her sculptures often evoke contradictory feelings of tranquility and tension while celebrating the beauty the animal world has to offer. Gerald Peters Gallery is overjoyed to be hosting this artist’s first solo exhibition since 1994.
Sculptor Gwynn Murrill has established a successful career through her magnificent works that display the elegance and beauty of the animal world. A Michigan native but trained in California, Murrill creates works that “invite viewers to study the sumptuous contours and serpentine lines of animal forms,” Gerald Peters Gallery writes. “Typically cast in bronze, the subtle nuances of the shapes of her creatures evoke naturalistic qualities and characteristics of the animal depicted; they may appear to be lurking but relaxed, prowling yet serene.”
Murrill’s recent works will be showcased during a solo exhibition at Gerald Peters Gallery this summer — the artist’s first at the gallery since 1994. Opening on June 24, “Gwynn Murrill: Nearing Nature” is a gorgeous display of elegance, simplicity, and a unique aesthetic vision. Continuing, the gallery reports, “Their smooth and fluid surfaces portray a sense of tranquility while sustaining a recoiled tension. Pervading throughout her career, Murrill’s works have always manifested an intense quietude.”
“Gwynn Murrill: Nearing Nature” will be on view through July 23. To learn more, visit Gerald Peters Gallery.
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