The 2016 edition of the Prix de West just concluded in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with several of the nation’s most celebrated artists continuing to bolster résumés — and legacies.
Among the notable events at this year’s Prix de West were numerous workshops, trunk shows, seminars, artist demonstrations, volunteer opportunities, and private tours. In addition, of course, honors and awards were given to the most deserving artists, with this year’s winner being a familiar figure.

Susan Lyon, “Juanita with Red Ribbons,” oil, (c) Prix de West 2016

T. Allen Lawson, “Buff Canyon Cinema,” oil, (c) Prix de West 2016

The monumental David Leffel was honored with the Prix de West Purchase Award for his powerful portrait titled “Jonathan Warm Day Coming.” Accomplished painter Susan Lyon was honored with the Donald Teague Memorial Award for her fiery painting “Juanita with Red Ribbons.” T. Allen Lawson’s “Buff Canyon Cinema” was awarded the Robert Lougheed Memorial Award for best landscape.

Doug Hyde, “Traditional or Contemporary Design?” (c) Prix de West 2016

Bill Anton, “Deep in the Wind Rivers,” oil, (c) Prix de West 2016

The James Earle Fraser Sculpture Award was taken home by Doug Hyde for his “Traditional or Contemporary Design?” Bill Anton and Jeremy Lipking ended up tying for the Frederic Remington Painting Award. Greg Beecham’s magnetic “Another Balmy Day on Captain Hudson’s Bay” was honored with the Major General and Mrs. Don D. Pittman Wildlife Award while Bill Nebeker’s sculpture “Cold Mornin’ Cow Camp” took home the Express Ranch Great American Cowboy Award.

Jeremy Lipking, “Between the Past and Present,” oil, (c) Prix de West 2016

Greg Beecham, “Another Balmy Day on Captain Hudson’s Bay,” oil, (c) Prix de West 2016

Finally, but certainly not least, Terri Kelly Moyers was honored with the Prix de West Buyer’s Choice Award for her lovely figurative painting “Las Flores.” Total opening sales for this year’s auction realized a whopping $2,671,032 from about 47 percent of the available works.

Bill Nebeker, “Cold Mornin’ Cow Camp,” bronze, (c) Prix de West 2016

Terri Kelly Moyers, “Las Flores,” oil, (c) Prix de West 2016

The Prix de West included many more events, opportunities, shows, sales, workshops, and lectures than can be listed here. To view the full schedule and plan your trip for 2017, visit The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.
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