California’s natural vistas and incredible range of landscapes have inspired artists for many generations. For the past 14 years, an annual California landscape exhibition has been hosted to celebrate contemporary views of the Golden State.
The John Natsoulas Gallery is overjoyed to be hosting the 15th Annual California Landscape Exhibition in July. Located in Davis, California, the exhibition opens on July 2 and will run through August 27, with an opening reception held on August 6 at 7 p.m.
Via the gallery: “California’s natural beauty and diverse landscape has been gaveling artists a source of inspiration in the genre of landscape painting since Albert Bierstadt and his 19th century depictions of Yosemite. Bierstadt’s practice of capturing the exceptional, ethereal light of California continues in contemporary landscapes as artists today explore a new sublimity present in the 21st century. Featuring scenes of fertile valleys, sparkling beaches, dense forests, and seemingly boundless deserts, Californian landscapes remain the root of poetic allure for artists today. Many such artists will be displaying the products of this inspiration and influence again this year in the 15th Annual California Landscape Exhibition.”
Among others, artists included in the show are Pat Mahony, Marti Walker, Philippe Gandiol, Julie Smiley, and Boyd Gavin. To learn more, visit John Natsoulas Gallery.
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