In conjunction with its outstanding exhibition “Et in Arcadia Ego,” this cutting-edge museum will host a star-studded panel discussion that many should consider attending.
Currently on view at the New Museum in Los Gatos, California, “Et in Arcadia Ego” is a fascinating exhibition that explores — among other topics — the timeless myth of Arcadia as it has been imagined by contemporary and historical creative minds. The museum is proud to host a tantalizing panel discussion in conjunction with the exhibition on August 11.
Included on the panel are David Ligare, Stephanie Peek, Holly Lane, and Seamus Conley. Executive Director Lisa Coscino and Curator Marianne McGrath will moderate the conversation. Tickets start at $15 for non-members and $10 for members. Via the museum, “Our current exhibition ‘Et in Arcadia Ego,’ explores the timeless myth of Arcadia as it has been represented by artists and writers, employing concepts such as idealized landscapes, liminal figures, and a contemplation of mortality. Join our panel of artists exhibiting in ‘Et in Arcadia Ego’ as they discuss these themes in their work.”
To learn more or purchase tickets, visit the New Museum.
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