Honoring the New Mexico landscape are fellow artists and friends Ken Dagget and Damien Gonzales, this month at Total Arts Gallery. Details here!
Water, sky, earth, color, and texture are just a few of the natural elements that have inspired Southwestern artists for generations. Among them today are Ken Daggett and Damien Gonzales — two extremely accomplished and talented painters from Taos and Albuquerque (respectively), New Mexico.
In an exhibition opening on July 8 at the renowned Total Arts Gallery, Daggett and Gonzales will showcase a number of their newest works, each displaying a unique view of the natural wonders of the Land of Enchantment. The gallery writes, “Local Taos artist Ken Daggett creates dramatic vistas of northern New Mexico on canvas with unpredictable color combinations & energetic bold thick paints, he is able to communicate his unique and textural appreciation of the land.

Damien Gonzales, “Navajo Sandstone,” oil, 8 x 16 in. (c) Total Arts Gallery 2016

“Albuquerque artist Damien Gonzales peacefully approaches his work with a quiet reverence of the land capturing the drama, while respecting the atmosphere of a moment in time. Working in oils and often plein air these two New Mexican artists are ambassadors to our wondrous landscapes presenting two distinct personalities that are just part of the awe inspiring beauty of our vast landscape.”
“Honoring the New Mexico Landscape” opens on July 8 and will be on view through July 30. To learn more, visit Total Arts Gallery.
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