Rounding out the summer season at Denver, Colorado’s Gallery 1261 is a large-works group exhibition featuring a number of the gallery’s acclaimed artists.
Opening July 22 and running through August 20 at the renowned Gallery 1261 in Denver, “Large Works” will be an exciting display of art from the gallery’s robust stable of nationally and internationally reputable artists. Adding a myriad of new ideas and details for the viewer to consider will be the works’ large scale. The gallery writes, “This exhibition aims to showcase each artist individually, highlighting their work as it pertains to their respective genres, however here with one key stipulation, which is that the work is made larger than what the artist is typically used to working in.”

Mia Bergeron, “Vanish,” oil on wood, 38 x 46 in. (c) Gallery 1261 2016

Among many others, some of the participating artists include Mia Bergeron, David Grossmann, Jim, Morgan, Catherine Mulligan, Robin Cole Smith, Aaron Westerberg, and Vincent Xeus. Continuing, the gallery reports, “Big canvases and big ideas are at the forefront of this exhibition, highlighting the ambition and skill of all the participating artists. What the viewer is invited to do here, which would not necessarily be the case in other exhibitions, is the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the sights and scenes in front of our eyes, granting us the opportunity to soak in all the details, and take a trip into realities forged by another.”
To learn more, visit Gallery 1261.
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