August is an exciting month at Santa Fe’s Meyer Gallery, as this accomplished painter showcases his latest memories of Taos, New Mexico, in paint.
Opening August 19 and running through August 25, Francis Livingston will present his latest works at Meyer Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Featuring 13 oils, the show has a distinct historical flavor meant to evoke bygone eras and memories of Taos — one of the most beautiful areas in North America, and one with a rich artistic tradition.
Among the highlights of the exhibition is Livingston’s magnetic “Field of Bloom,” which calls attention to his mastery of color, expressive brushwork, and impressionistic influences. Four Native American figures — all draped and covered — walk through the landscape. Their clothing gives the figures a statuesque character, which contrasts sharply with the organic foliage and landscape that surrounds them. The subjects’ heads are slightly lowered, endowing the piece with a somber tone. However, the overwhelming use of bright colors enlivens the work.
To learn more, visit Meyer Gallery.
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