An originator of the Western pop art movement, Billy Schenck ranks among the top working artists today. Using a range of photorealism techniques with a simplified “pop” aesthetic, Schenck’s latest works are sure to delight during a solo exhibition.
Artist Billy Schenck is currently featuring 10 new works at El Prado, New Mexico’s renowned Blue Rain Gallery. Known for a pop art aesthetic, Schenck’s works often present the viewer with Native American and Western subjects through the lens of a flattened, reductivist style with no blending or shading.

Billy Schenck, “13 Minutes from Eternity,” oil on canvas, 50 x 50 in. (c) Jackson Hole Falls Arts Festival 2015

The resulting works have entranced viewers and institutions for nearly 50 years, with Schenck’s works owned by the Smithsonian Institution, Denver Art Museum, the Autry Museum, Booth Western Art Museum, Tucson Museum of Art, and several others. Schenck’s art was also employed by the Jackson Hole Art Auction in 2015, which used his “13 Minutes from Eternity” for the festival’s poster.
“New Paintings: Billy Schenck” opened on August 5 and will be on view through August 20. To learn more, visit Blue Rain Gallery.
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