Sarah Lamb, “Pomegranates & Earthenware,” oil on linen, 17 x 26 in. © Sarah Lamb 2017

Cakes, fruits, flowers, cheeses, and more. Can you taste it? What about the aroma? Your mind just might play tricks with you during a breathtaking showcase of still life talent at Meredith Long & Company.

Using her keen eye for detail, color, and texture, painter Sarah Lamb is stimulating all of the body’s senses during her latest solo exhibition in Houston, Texas. On view at Meredith Long & Company this February are about eight beautiful works by Lamb.

Composed and set in a traditional way, Lamb’s paintings present treats for the eyes, nose, and mouth using pigment, brush, and support. Among her tantalizing subjects are juicy pomegranates, a lush bouquet of multi-colored flowers, Ladurée Macarons with a glass of milk, and a mouth-watering slice of raspberry cake.

You’ll barely be able to contain yourself! To learn more, visit Meredith Long & Company.

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